Can I Give My Dog Peanut Butter?

Can I Give My Dog Peanut Butter?Does your dog love to eat peanut butter? You’ll be happy to know, when fed in moderation, a quality all-natural brand can be healthy for canines.

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Peanut butter has antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and quality fats. These are healthy for dogs. The creamy spread will also provide some extra energy.

This human food is appropriate, if you don’t overdo it, for a pet pooch. Just get a quality peanut butter. You and your dog can enjoy this snack together!

Can I Give My Dog Peanut Butter? Answer: Yes, it’s healthy

Get a brand that doesn’t have added sugar, sweeteners, food coloring, additives or unhealthy preservatives.

Read peanut butter labels before sharing with your dog. For puppies and smaller breed dogs, perhaps avoiding the chunky kind is best for digestion. Alternatively, there’s a high quality peanut butter flavored dog treat which your furry friend will surely love!

Peanut Butter’s Benefits

Peanut butter can help your dog to operate with a high level of efficiency. It contains a balanced level of protein and low carbohydrates, providing a boost of energy and stamina. Active dogs just love it.

Peanut butter’s Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce high cholesterol. You just have to feed a healthy, all-natural brand and do so in moderation. Peanut butter can be a component to an overall healthy canine diet.

How Much is Too Much

A small amount of peanut butter goes a long way. If you have a small breed, 1 teaspoon as a serving size is enough. For larger dogs, 1 tablespoon will likely suffice.

It should be a special treat for dogs. You probably shouldn’t be feeding peanut butter every day. Actually, this is why a crunchy peanut butter dog treat is best. It’s convenient to ration.

Help with Canine Diabetes

If your dog has diabetes their blood sugar levels remain low. Natural peanut butter is great for this purpose. It’s low in carbs yet high in protein and unsaturated healthy fat.

If your diabetic dog’s blood sugar builds up then permanent damage to the tissues, nerves and cells is possible.

Peanut butter recipes are most beneficial for low insulin producing dogs. Think of it as a health supplement!

For Treating Bad Breath

Peanut butter can conceal your dog’s bad breath. The fatty acid composition coats smells caused by bacteria in the mouth.

It’s like using baking soda but with great health benefits. A peanut butter treat, given to your dog, will reduce bad breath.

With tactical peanut butter you’ll notice few traces of bad breath. Though this isn’t really a fix as it only helps cover up bad doggie breath.

Properly cleaning your dog’s teeth is obviously preferred to peanut butter.

Must Maintain Moderation

Too much peanut butter can be harmful for dogs so, again, moderation is a must. High consumption levels of this delicious snack may slow your dog down but also give them loose and oily stools.

This could be a sign that you are feeding Fido too much and need to cut back. Don’t overdo it, even with a high-quality peanut butter.

Conclusion on Peanut Butter

Quality all-natural peanut butter is healthy for your dog in moderation. It’s a perfect treat. Being affordable is icing on the cake (no pun intended). Check the label and get a nutritious brand. Select a pure peanut butter without additives. As a reminder, dogs can’t have chocolate so never combine the two!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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