Can I Give My Dog Peanut Butter?

Can I give my dog peanut butter?Is peanut butter OK for your dog? It’s understandable that we want to share everything with our pets, especially our dogs. Dogs are like family members; we love spending time with them and we want to make them happy and content. It is really hard to turn down your dog sometimes!

When we eat our food at the dinner table, most of us manage to sneak something under the table for our dog. Dogs love people food including peanut butter! That’s why most dog lovers fall into the trap of feeding unhealthy food stuff to their favorite pets.

The key is to know which types of people food are beneficial to dogs and which types of food are harmful for them. This way, you will know how to control and manage your dog’s diet and nutritional needs.

Both humans and dogs love peanut butter. But is it good for your dog? Yes, peanut butter is actually good for your dog’s overall health. Peanut butter is loaded with high amounts of antioxidants and these are beneficial to your dog’s system.

Can I Give My Dog Peanut Butter? Answer: Yes

You will notice that there are a lot of peanut butter flavored and fortified dog treats available on the market today. That’s because peanut butter products are very safe for dogs in general. It is important to know that this isn’t the case just because they love the taste. Further, you should choose the right type of peanut butter. Get only those that are directly derived from peanuts so as to avoid food coloring and other unhealthy preservatives. Read the label carefully and use it to your advantage for both you and your dog.

Health Benefits of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter aids in keeping a dog’s body operating more efficiently. It contains a balanced level of protein and carbohydrates, which pumps up the dog’s system with a boost of energy and stamina. Active dogs love it!

Note that a small amount of peanut butter goes a long way. That’s why you should give this treat to your dog in moderation as goes for most things in life. If you have a small breed of dog, 1 teaspoon of peanut butter in a given day is enough. For large breeds of dogs, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter in a day will suffice. You don’t need to give them peanut butter everyday. A few times a week is usually enough.

For Dogs with Diabetes

If your dog has diabetes, it means that the natural insulin inside the body is inhibited from being released. If the sugar element in the bloodstream builds up uncontrollably, this can lead to permanent damage of the tissues, nerves and cells inside a dogs’ body.

Because of the right balance and level of protein and carbohydrates usually present in peanut butter, it can help your dog’s system to utilize the sugar elements in the bloodstream. The sugar components can then be metabolized and used properly. Natural peanut butter recipes are therefore helpful for dogs suffering from diabetes. You can think of it as a health supplement to treat conditions such as diabetes.

For Dogs with Bad Breath

Peanut butter can help conceal your dog’s bad breath as well. Peanut butter contains natural oil and this oil has omega fatty acids which are great. The fatty acid composition is responsible for coating the smells caused by bacteria in your dog’s mouth. It is a lot like using baking soda to remove foul odor from a specific environment but with a lot more added benefits.

If you give a peanut butter dog treat to your dog, the bad breath odor will mostly pass though the body rather than their mouth. So when your dog kisses you, you will only smell peanut butter and just some traces of bad breath if any at all. Of course learning to clean your dog’s teeth can’t hurt either. Peanut butter isn’t reallly a fix in that regard since it only helps cover up bad doggie breath.

Some Disadvantages of Peanut Butter in a Dog’s Diet

Too much peanut butter can be a little harmful for dogs too; so always give peanut butter to your favorite pet in moderation as stated above. Because of the peanut oil, your dog can have loose stools if given too much of this delicious snack.

When given in proper amounts, peanut butter treats have a lot of healthy benefits to offer to dogs. In fact, the omega fatty acids in peanut butter is said to even reduce bad cholesterol in dogs and promote good health in general.

Peanut Butter Anyone?

As peanut butter is good for humans and dogs alike, it makes for a perfect treat for everyone in the house. The fact that it is affordable is the icing on the cake (no pun intended). You can even make homemade recipes that include peanut butter; but make sure that the other ingredients you use are safe for your dog too. Remember that dogs can’t have chocolate so combining peanut butter and chocolate, tastes amazing, is something only you can enjoy.

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Tyro January 22, 2014

Is it okay for dogs to be fed rice? That’s one thing I wanna know before feeding it to them.


James January 22, 2014

Hi Tyro. Good question. We plan to do an article on rice for your dog soon. Stay tuned!


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Can you please tell me the author and publishing date? I need it for works cited. Thanks!


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I am the publisher, James, or you can simply cite The publish date was February 2013. Thanks for stopping by.


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