Can I Give My Dog Orange Juice?

Can I Give My Dog Orange Juice?The health benefits of orange juice are well known but it’s less clear if they apply to dogs. With the high levels of vitamin C, and the overall goodness of this fresh juice, it seems like a winner but is it?

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Nutritional requirements for dogs are different and they usually get all they need from their fortified dog food and fresh water. You typically don’t need to supplement with things like orange juice or other vitamins.

The truth is that regular fresh water is all your dog needs for proper hydration. Orange juice isn’t going to boost their immune system or make it function any better.

Can I Give My Dog Orange Juice? Answer: Not Recommended

Your best buddy doesn’t need OJ, not even the vitamin C, so there’s no point in giving it to them.

The only reason people consider orange juice at all is because of the healthy benefits that we humans get from drinking it. This doesn’t apply to dogs so it’s best to avoid the idea altogether. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog will get sick from having a little bit this citrus juice but keep it to a minimum.

Too Sugary and Acidic

Commercially produced orange juice usually contains a lot of sugar. Also, the high levels of citric acid can’t be good for dogs. Though it occurs naturally in oranges, a likely scenario is that they’ll get a stomachache. If you provide it regularly, they could develop chronic stomach problems and lose some tooth enamel. Further, the acid in orange juice can make your dog’s stool acidic and can give them a burning sensation when they poo.

If your dog drinks up some spilled OJ, it’s not a big problem. Don’t worry about it too much. If they appear to enjoy it, that’s just a dog’s nature. But it shouldn’t be interpreted as something that they should get on a regular basis.

Healthy Snack Alternatives

If you’re looking for something natural and healthy to give your dog as a treat or something that their taste buds are not used to, try what vets’ recommend, either some nice baby carrots or a piece of apple. Ask your local veterinarian what they recommend you give them as a natural alternative to their normal store-bought treats.

You can bet orange juice won’t be on your vet’s list of approved things to give a dog.

An Easy Way to Judge

When you think of giving your dog people foods, which can include some OJ, just picture them out in the wild. Ask yourself if they were out roaming around, would they eat or drink this? This is usually a good way to determine if a dog can have something or not. For example, can they have a bone? Sure, because out in the wild that’s what they’d be gnawing on. Can they have a pancake? Well, maybe they can but it’s not really going to benefit them in any way. Stick to what’s natural for them.

Provide Fresh Water Only

If your dog was left to its own devices they wouldn’t be picking fresh oranges. They would simply find a water source and drink until their thirst was quenched. Water is much better just from a hydration standpoint when compared to orange juice. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any additional beverages besides a fresh dish of cool water at all times. Your dog will naturally drink their fill, and will stop when they are no longer thirsty.

Conclusion on Orange Juice

Dogs they honestly do not need orange juice. It’s not even a good way to keep them hydrated. Their fuel and energy is derived from the vitamins and minerals they get in meats, which are specially formulated in their dog food. So while your heart is in the right place you shouldn’t give your dog any orange juice. It’s not the best for their system and doesn’t contain the type of benefits that you might have thought it did.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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