Can I Give My Dog Orange Juice?

Can I Give My Dog Orange Juice?We’re all well aware of the healthy benefits of orange juice, but does it cross over to dogs as well? With the Vitamin C and the goodness of fresh juice, it seems like a winner.

But a dogs nutritional requirements are very different than ours, and it turns out that they get all they need from their fortified dog food. You don’t need to supplement it with things like orange juice or vitamin tablets.

The best thing you can do is feed your dog daily at the same times, and give them the same food that they’re used to. Their bodies will be able to take care of themselves and give them the energy they need, as well as keep their immune system functioning properly without intervention on your part.

Can I Give My Dog Orange Juice? Answer: Not Recommended

Since your dog doesn’t need anything that’s contained in orange juice, not even the Vitamin C, there’s no point in giving it to them. The only reason people consider it at all is because of the healthy benefits that we humans get from drinking it. But since it’s not the case for dogs, it’s best to avoid the whole situation altogether.

If you ever think to give your dog people food, just picture them in their natural state. Ask yourself if they were roaming the wilderness would they eat this? This is a great way to determine if a dog can have something. For example, can they have a bone? Sure, because out in the wild that’s what they’d be gnawing on. Can they have a pancake? Well, maybe they can but it’s not really going to benefit them in any way, because they wouldn’t consume it naturally.

Sugar and Acid

With the amount of sugar that’s in commercially produced orange juice, and the amount of citric acid that’s naturally found in oranges, giving it to your dog is not a good idea. Best case scenario they’ll just get a stomach ache. If you give it to them regularly they could develop chronic stomach problems and lose some enamel in their teeth.

The acid in orange juice can make your dogs stool acidic as well and can give them a burning sensation when they poo. You will also be subjecting them to potential stomach problems, so why would you choose to do this.

If your dog drinks up some spilled OJ, it’s not a severe problem, and you shouldn’t worry about it. If they appear to enjoy it, that’s just a dog’s nature and should not be interpreted as something that they need on a regular basis.

Healthy Snack Alternatives

If you’re looking for something to give your dog as a treat or something that their taste buds are not used to, try what vets recommend, either some nice baby carrots or a piece of apple. You can also ask your personal vet what they recommend you give them as a natural alternative to their normal store-bought treats. You can bet orange juice won’t be on their list of approved things to give your dog.

Water Only

If your dog was left to its own devices it wouldn’t be picking fresh oranges, and putting them through a juicer in order to make orange juice. It would simply find a water source and drink until it wasn’t thirsty any more.

Therefore, as the owner, you don’t need to worry about any additional beverages besides a fresh dish of cool water at all times. Your dog will naturally drink its fill, and will stop when it’s not thirsty any more.

Dogs and Juice in General

Some people do juice fasts and infomercials on TV will have you believe that you need to drink lots more fresh-squeezed juice. But for dogs they don’t need it, and it’s not a good way to keep them hydrated or keep them fueled with the vitamins and minerals they need.

So while your heart is in the right place you shouldn’t give your dog orange juice. It’s rough on their system and doesn’t have the benefits that you might have thought it did.

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