Can I Give My Dog Nachos?

Can I Give My Dog Nachos?You’ve got a plate of warm and yummy nachos and it won’t be long before the family dog wants a taste. Fido fancies feasting on whatever they set their sights on.

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The problem is your nachos are processed. It’s fair to say this snack is a junk food. The main ingredient is corn which is basically filler. Sharing with a dog is questionable at best.

You certainly do not need to feel guilty when your curious canine craves crunchy chips. Feeding a pet dog nachos is a bad idea for so many reasons. Keep reading to learn more!

Can I Give My Dog Nachos? Answer: Not Recommended

Do not feed your best buddy this processed snack.

Nachos, a popular Mexican food, are essentially crispy tortillas that are covered in melted cheese. Sometimes jalapeno peppers are added. Toppings are best avoided, if you do occasionally give your dog a small taste. Some human foods are okay for pets, but nachos really are not a good choice.

Giving your dog a high quality crunchy canine biscuit treat is more appropriate and also much healthier.

The Long & Short Term

Feeding a dog nachos, a burrito or a taco could do more harm than good even though none of these foods are considered particularly toxic. Keep your dog’s diet simple to avoid a potential for digestive disruptions.

Nachos are also known to make pets defecate in the worst way. Diarrhea should not be a surprise. Consider all the chemicals, flavorings and additives that go into commercially sold nachos.

Your dog is likely to be overweight, if this is a food they are allowed to regularly eat. No doubt about it, these tasty chips shouldn’t be fed to Fido. Of course, a small taste of your nachos is not that bad.

Never Nasty Nachos

Processed snacks, in general, should not be shared. Your dog’s digestive system isn’t geared towards what humans routinely munch on. Nachos, tortillas or burritos are delicious but they are also unhealthy.

Nachos are nasty in that they are loaded with low quality calories, sodium and chemicals. Avoid a poor feeding habit. It may lead to behavioral begging. Do your dog a big favor, no nachos for 4-legged friends.

Consider Better Treats

Have quality doggie treats by your side whenever you eat your human snacks. This way you won’t be hounded for something you know you shouldn’t be feeding to your precious pet dog.

You likely already knew that nachos are inappropriate. Just be strict! Even if your dog begs you for some, or gives you those classic puppy dog eyes, do not give in!

Conclusion on Nachos

Feeding a dog some of your nachos is a no-no. Not letting a pet indulge is the right choice regarding this corn-based junk food. Even a high quality nacho brand, if there is such a thing, is not good for your dog’s digestive system. Canines cannot consume these types of foods, at least on a regular basis. More nachos for you!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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