Can I Give My Dog Mineral Oil?

Can I Give My Dog Mineral Oil?Taking mineral oil can make bowel movements less straining. If you see your dog experiencing some constipation, you may be thinking of helping them with this useful substance but read all about it first!

There’s information regarding mineral oil, as it applies to canines, that you must know. This common household liquid, a lipid solvent, and could rob your dog’s body of healthy nutrients when inappropriately administered.

Mineral oil will absorb everything inside the stomach, like a sponge, even the good stuff. Digestion could be disrupted if it interferes with the normal absorption processes. Constipation could then be the least of your dog’s troubles.

Can I Give My Dog Mineral Oil? Answer: Only a very small amount

It’s probably not the best thing you can give for a constipated canine.

You can use mineral oil with success but you must practice great caution and not overdo it. Some readers report giving it to their dogs without any problems. But, make no mistake, misusing mineral oil can lead to inflammation such as granuloma.

Causes of Constipation

Instead of finding ways to treat canine constipation, avoid situations that can lead to your pet’s constipation in the first place. A diet without sufficient fiber can be a cause of this problem. Try switching to a new diet, or better dog food, that has more fiber. Do this gradually since sudden changes to your dog’s diet can lead to diarrhea.

Dehydration is another reason for constipation. Always have fresh water available for your dog. If they aren’t an avid water drinker, you can place some ice cubes or popsicles in their water bowl. Dogs usually like drinking cold water and this will encourage them to consume more.

Sometimes you have to get creative but in a safe way. Certainly mineral oil cannot replace a dog’s water consumption needs or do anything for hydration problems.

More Serious Reasons

Old age also plays a big role in digestive problems. If you have a senior dog, ask your vet for a special diet. Poor digestion in older dogs can often show up as constipation but again, mineral oil shouldn’t be your first option. In rare cases, constipation can be traced to obstructed intestines.

If you suspect that your dog may be suffering from this condition, take them to a vet as soon as possible. An x-ray may be needed to rule out an intestinal blockage. Veterinarians can be expensive. More and more people, if they can, are setting aside funds in advance for pet healthcare or obtaining health insurance.

Whatever you do, be careful about giving your dog mineral oil.

More on Constipation

If your dog strains while trying to defecate, they could be suffering from severe constipation. Sometimes pets can’t poop at all. There could be some very hard and solid stools backing them up. This causes some owners to turn to mineral oil.

Be observant with your dog so you can catch problems early. If the constipation problem doesn’t improve in a couple of days, call a vet and ask for an examination. Upon signs of recurring and serious bowel trouble it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Tips for Constipated Dogs

Try feeding your dog some rice or oatmeal. These people foods are high in fiber and are safe for dogs. You can also put some olive oil in their regular food. Olive oil is safe for dogs, as well as nutritious, and it will usually soften up their stool. Exercise is excellent for those suffering with constipation. Allow your dog to play outdoors as it can stimulate them to poop more regularly in addition to the other health benefits.

The Right Type of Oil

Some types of oil that people normally consume can be harmful for dogs including mineral oil. Others are safer like quality olive oil which is why knowledge is so critical for dog ownership. Before giving any type of oil to your furry friend, make sure that it’s safe!

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Sheila November, 2015

My 10 year old Lab became ill 3 weeks ago and we’ve run up a 1,000 dollar vet bill. They don’t know what’s wrong with him. He had blood work and x-rays, nothing significant seen. He isn’t eating or drinking and is wasting away. I think he has a sock stuck in his intestines. I can’t afford surgery. Can I give him olive oil or anything to help it pass through? He is like one of my kids but I am broke.


Cherise November, 2015

Hi Sheila. If your vet took x-rays of your dog’s belly and there was no evidence of obstruction, a sock stuck in his intestines seems less likely than another problem. Could you schedule an abdominal ultrasound with your vet or an area specialist? These are usually around $200-300 and I think would be very valuable in finding an answer for your pup. I doubt if olive oil will help if the intestines are blocked.


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