Can I Give My Dog Lactose Free Milk?

Can I Give My Dog Lactose Free Milk?Is lactose free milk okay for your dog? This question gets asked a lot. Let’s find out if this lactaid alternative to regular cow’s milk is appropriate for canines!

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As you probably know, most dogs have trouble digesting the sugar in milk due a genetic intolerance. This factor makes feeding lactose-free milk a very interesting idea.

But it’s puppies that may need a replacement for mothers milk. The liquid vitamins and minerals make sense for them. It isn’t natural for grown dogs, even lactose free milk.

Can I Give My Dog Lactose Free Milk? Answer: Not Necessary

It is unlikely to be harmful, but fresh water is better under normal circumstances.

Lactose free milk doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog would be consuming a dairy free beverage. That’s something to consider. Besides, healthy dogs benefit most from drinking water. Special situations, including chronic diseases or vitamin deficiencies, that may warrant milk should be addressed with a vet’s help.

Supplementing your happy and healthy dog’s liquid intake (or a puppy) with lactose-free milk is questionable. But keep reading…

Lactaid as a Treat

While not dangerous, we do not recommend that you allow your dog to drink milk of any kind. It’s not a suitable long term treat, even if it is free of lactose.

The calcium is not reason enough to pour a portion for a pet pooch. Granted, it does have less potential for gastrointestinal disruption compared to cow’s milk.

Here’s an idea. Dilute the lactose free milk if you still plan on sharing.

Giving a modest amount, on occasion, is rarely an issue. Many owners do so without incident.

Dogs and Lactose

As you probably know, most dogs are a bit sensitive to lactose (especially after they grow up). Dairy products can easily bring upon an upset stomach.

Dairy or not, giving your adult dog any kind of milk is unnatural and unneeded, lactose -free included.

It wouldn’t happen out in the wild. Of course, that doesn’t make it terrible.

Interestingly, dogs actually do consume plenty of lactose as puppies when they drink mothers milk. They quickly wean off of it though.

More Pet Perspective

Humans are the only species that continues to drink milk of any kind beyond the infant phase. Lactose-free is a niche result of this curious attribute.

Your dog, like other animals, only requires milk when they’re a newborn. Even as an occasional treat, lactose free milk is considered unconventional for a canine.

A checkup may be necessary if you think your dog may need regular milk or the lactose-free variety. A furry friend should be getting all their nutrient and vitamin requirements from regular chow.

Conclusion on Lactose Free Milk

Your dog shouldn’t consume lactose-free milk for nutrition. As a treat, sharing is better than regular milk. But feeding a dog lactose free (dairy or not) isn’t exactly natural and this is true irrespective of an intolerance. Lactaid is unlikely to help a deficient dog.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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