Can I Give My Dog Kiwi?

Can I Give My Dog Kiwi?Fruits like kiwi provide a lot of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to our body. Kiwi is particularly a great source of vitamin C, potassium, fiber and beta-carotene. Overall, kiwi can provide numerous health benefits. However, there are certain fruits that dogs should avoid eating. Is kiwi one of them?

It’s tempting to feed this tropical fruit to your dog because it isn’t just healthy, they are absolutely delicious as well. This is why some dog owners cannot help but share wonderful fruits, such as this one, with their canine friends.

In truth, dogs have their own diet that must be followed in order to fulfill the nutritional demands of their body. With the proper diet, they should be active and strong with an equally healthy skin and fur. Kiwi by itself just isn’t going to cut it.

Can I Give My Dog Kiwi? Answer: Yes, in small amounts

The many health benefits make kiwi fruit very tempting as an occasional doggie treat.

Kiwis also contain flavonoids, which protect cells from oxidative damage. Finally, it promotes good respiratory health and prevents age-related macular degeneration. There isn’t much bad to say about kiwis but the fact remains, you must practice moderation when providing even healthy foods to your dog. This is because such fruits aren’t part of their ancestral diet.

Fruits in General

Obviously, certain human foods shouldn’t be given to dogs. Some fruits, for example, should be avoided such as grapes and raisins. Both of these been proven to cause kidney failure in some dogs.

On the other hand, fruits harmless and can even provide health benefits. Tropical fruits such as melons, watermelons, and honeydew are fruits your dog can enjoy eating.

Some say a healthy canine diet consists of 50% meat and 50% vegetables. But generally fruits are not a must since dogs basically get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need from their balanced diet of meat and some mixed-in vegetables.

Although dogs are not fruit-eaters, they enjoy a little fruit treat every once in a while. Take note, though, that there are fruits that are considered no-no’s to dogs because of certain toxicity levels such as avocados, grapes, and raisins. Other fruits are considered okay, including kiwi, as long as they are given only in very small amounts. Still others are more debatable such as pomegranate.

Fruits, except those on the no-no list for dogs, can be given but only in small portions. Dogs should not eat fruit the way humans do because their bodies and nutritional demands are different from ours. Kiwi may be a highly nutritious fruit, but feeding this to your dog does not necessarily mean they are benefiting from the fruit’s nutritional value.

You can give them kiwi for the sake of giving them a tasty treat, but do not give them too much as it may have a laxative effect on them. It is best to consult with your vet before giving your dog any “human food”.

Foods You Can Share

Believe it or not, berries offer a good amount of antioxidants to your dogs. Whether they are fresh or frozen, strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries are healthy for your canine friend but many debate if this is really useful for your dog and their lifespan.

Green beans are particularly recommended by animal nutritionists, too, because they can easily fill up a dog, but with less calories. Fresh and crunchy vegetables like baby carrots can do good to your dog’s teeth. Cooked chicken is also a healthy substitute to dog food, whether boiled, roasted, or baked. Just don’t give them the bones!

Health Benefits of Kiwi

Kiwis are highly nutritious fruits that have various health benefits. Eating kiwi regularly helps prevent respiratory diseases, specifically asthma because of its high vitamin C content. It is also beneficial for giving birth as it contains folate.

The flavonoids and carotenoids found in kiwi make the fruit a good anti-cancer food. It also protects your eyes from age-related macular degeneration, fights cardiovascular diseases, regulates blood pressure, promotes digestive health, boosts the immune system, and nourishes the skin.

While many of these important benefits apply more so to humans, giving Kiwi to your dog in moderation can’t hurt.

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