Can I Give My Dog Jell-O?

Can I Give My Dog Jell-O?Jell-O is a fun food and you may be wondering about sharing with your dog. This seemingly harmless dessert attracts attention. So, what to do about curious canines?

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Well, there are more dangerous foods you could be giving your pet dog. Store-bought Jell-O isn’t exactly healthy, but giving some won’t cause terrible side effects.

There are a few interesting things to know about Jell-O treats. Learn more before offering up a bowl of this brightly-colored dessert. Get the full scoop for your dog’s sake.

Can I Give My Dog Some Jell-O? Answer: Yes, just a little though

Just don’t make a habit of providing this sugary dessert to your buddy.

Jello typically has high sugar content and artificial ingredients. While there’s protein in Jell-O, it takes a backseat to the sweetness. Be moderate if serving some to a dog. Don’t make this treat a regular occurrence. One, Jell-O doesn’t have much of what dogs need to thrive. Second, providing it often could lead to a bad feeding habit.

Jello’s flavors are artificial which tells you a lot. It’s not a great choice!

What Exactly is Jell-O

Most folks have no idea what they’re eating when they indulge in tasty flavored jello! Your dog won’t mind, but you may be shocked to find out the details.

Are you ready for this? The powdered gelatin, also known as Jell-O, is made from collagen. The process involves boiling hives and bones of cows and pigs.

When it cools down, it forms a jiggly dessert. When you think of it, Jell-O sounds like a dessert which suits dogs more than people! Though this isn’t the case.

Sugar & Artificial Flavors

A look at Jell-O’s packaging reveals reasons why it shouldn’t be a regular treat. It’s gelatin and sugar with a few artificial sweeteners and flavors thrown in. Not exactly a desirable snack for dogs.

Regular sugar is preferable to artificial sweeteners. The protein derived from collagen doesn’t come close to outweighing Jello’s negatives. Don’t share with your dog and don’t feel bad about it.

Sugar tends to rot teeth. You want your dog’s mouth to be in good shape later in life.

Just a Taste is Enough

We aren’t keen on giving a pet dog Jell-O. At the very least, do so in moderation. Ration portions and be strict about it.

This is especially true for store-bought Jello. As we’ve pointed out, the ingredients leave much to be desired from a health standpoint.

Obviously, smaller breeds can’t be given as much as larger dogs.

Homemade Jello is Best

If you have the means to make your own Jell-O then perhaps you can make it a fairly healthy treat for Fido. There are many home-made recipes online. Obviously, this is much preferred.

You’d be using gelatin protein and withholding artificial ingredients. Your dog could benefit if you make your own!

Jell-O is a trademarked brand name. Powdered gelatin is the actual topic here.

Conclusion on Jell-O

You can give your dog a taste of jello, but it isn’t exactly healthy. Avoid feeding your dog artificial sweeteners. Make your own Jell-O using gelatin. Then, both of you can eat more of this delicious dessert. Be mindful of sugar and other ingredients before sharing with a pet dog.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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