When Whey Protein Makes Sense For Your Dog!

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Are you wondering if your dog can benefit from taking whey protein?

Canines obviously require plenty of protein, but this should primarily come from a meat-based diet.

Can I Give My Dog Protein?Are you looking for muscle growth?

It’s true that a protein powder will gradually make an active dog more lean. If that’s your goal then whey protein may be an option!

Some Dogs Are Good Candidates For Whey Protein

However, you will only see results if you have a very active animal.

Compared to Creatine

Is your dog athletic?

If so, some amount of whey protein combined with regular fitness makes sense.

It’s best to stick to an unflavored whey product when it comes to your dog. And of course, don’t get carried away and continue to maintain a balanced diet.

Caution: Creatine is another type of weight-training supplement but it is not recommended for dogs.

Whey’s Bioavailability 

One of the great things about whey protein is the amount that can be absorbed by your dog’s system. It is extremely bioavailable.

And, not only is there a high rate of absorption, it also contains all of the essential amino acids.

The question is can your dog utilize these outstanding benefits?

Again, they can if they are active!

The Breed And Situation

All dogs needs protein, but some breeds could use more than others!

Here’s the deal:

Whey protein supplements make the most sense for German Shepherds and Greyhounds, but other types of hard working dogs could also utilize an abundance of amino acids.

Does your four-legged friend routinely pull weight? Do you live in a farm environment?

Those circumstances are a great match for the results whey protein is capable of!

More Potential Benefits

In addition to building up muscles, whey protein can also aid in muscle repair. So this particular benefit is useful for certain animals injuries.

Not only that…

Whey could actually boost your dog’s immune system. And there’s even evidence that the glutathione it contains wards off cancer by targeting tumors early.

Bulking Up Your Buddy

Besides whey protein, did you know there is specialized canine chow designed for this very purpose?

Look into Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food! It gets great reviews and is a sustainable way to build your dog’s muscles when combined with plenty of physical activity.

Get Your Vet’s Advice

Only if your dog is super healthy should you even consider this type of protein supplementation.

Getting a professional opinion is always smart.

A veterinarian may recommend switching dog food brands, spending more time outside with your animal or other lifestyle changes. Truth be told, it is unlikely they’d sign off on whey protein.

The Bottom Line

Dogs certainly require protein, but whey is only for performance pets!

The vast majority of canines only need a quality dog food with a meat listed as the first ingredient.

While it is pretty safe, whey protein is of most benefit to very healthy and already fit dogs.

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  1. What about whey protein for a dog with high liver readings and Cushing’s disease? There is also muscle deterioration so I’m wondering if whey would be helpful during hydrotherapy.

  2. I have three dogs and I regularly give them protein-based foods.

    1. Thank you. Very informative.

    2. I was wondering how your dog did on the whey protein? I have an 80 pound 11 year old who is losing muscle mass in her rear legs. How much should I give her? Thank you.

    3. Thanks for posting a link to scientific information!

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