Can I Give My Dog Ginger?

Can I Give My Dog Ginger?Ginger is very popular, especially in Asian cuisine. For pet dogs though, there’s some doubt as to how they would handle it.

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Obviously lots of health benefits are linked to ginger. That it helps with nausea and stomachaches could make this spice useful for your dog.

A versatile natural remedy, ginger can reduce a dog’s pain but also alleviate a serious condition called Bloat. It can be a life saver!

Can I Give My Dog Ginger? Answer: Yes, in small amounts

Heartburn, diarrhea, belching, upset stomach, bloating and gas are possible if too much of this root is consumed.

Be moderate when introducing this spice. One way to add ginger to your dog’s diet is by mixing a bit in with their regular chow. We recommend all-natural, made in the USA, gluten-free, mint and ginger dog treats.

Similar to turmeric, ginger is definitely beneficial for dogs too!

Medicinal Properties

Ginger has many medicinal applications. For dogs it may be most useful for treating arthritic related joint pain. It’s an excellent anti-inflammatory.

Tips For Travel Use

Ginger works for motion sickness (car-sickness) and/or nausea.

Give a few drops of ginger root extract to your dog about 30 minutes before your car trip.

For a long trip, try a few drops throughout the trip. Just do not give your dog too much. It can make them more sick.

A K9 Calming Effect

If your dog is stressed, like when riding in the car, a ginger capsule or powdered form can help calm them. Dosing mostly depends on their weight.

For a stressed out dog you may also want to try is five-flower remedy, a botanical supplement that is used to calm down stressed out animals.

Ginger will not harm our dog unless too much is given at one time. Usually it will just make your pet a little ill and/or uncomfortable.

For Fighting Cancer

Ginger can be used if your dog is going through chemotherapy, is feeling queasy or is vomiting. It’s a valuable asset during cancer treatment.

Although ginger can help with the nausea that the chemotherapy can cause, the antioxidants can offset the benefit of the chemotherapy drugs.

Ask your vet about using ginger products (like Ginger-Mint from Animals Apawthecary) that can be found in health food stores.

DIY Ginger Treats

Homemade dog treats that include ginger are great for car sickness but also bad breath and canine constipation.

For car sickness in particular add a little grated ginger, a cup of reduced-fat peanut butter, carrots that have been well grated, mashed bananas and plain yogurt.

Mix the ingredients, cut into square or rectangles and freeze for two to four hours.

Whenever a new food is given to your dog watch them for unusual behavior like frequent scratching or watery eyes.

Conclusion on Ginger

Pure ginger is beneficial for dogs. It relieves nausea (motion sickness), improves blood flow, lack of appetite and muscle spasms. The spice can also remove toxins from your dog’s body. Some owners apply ginger root to sore muscles as a way to relieve a pet’s pain.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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