Can I Give My Dog Fever Reducer?

Can I Give My Dog Fever Reducer?Dogs will often get a fever to fight off infection or if they are starting to get sick. You’ll want to reach for the nearest fever reducer. But is this okay? A dog with a mild temperature isn’t too much of a concern as long as it doesn’t go about 104.5F. If their reading goes over this, call the vet immediately.

There are human over the counter medications which are considered safe for dog consumption and will help fight off a fever. You first need to know what is causing the fever, if you know the cause you can try and treat it on your own, but if there is no cause and your dog’s temperature is soaring, it’s advisable to seek veterinary assistance.

Dogs like humans are guaranteed to get sick sometimes during their lives, it’s heartbreaking for the owner who is unable to explain to their unhappy dog what is wrong with them. If you feel you need to treat the fever, check with your vet before administering any human medication.

Can I Give My Dog Fever Reducer? Answer: Baby Aspirin

Aspirin is the safest choice to give a dog to fight off a fever. Never use the coated variety, always choose the buffered or powder covered verities.

In order to get effective results you will need to give your dog 10 milligrams per kilogram of dog every eight to twelve hours. You can give aspirin to the dog without much concern unless your dog suffers with liver or kidney damage or another illness which they are on medication for, you will need to confirm with your vet first before treating the dog.

Fever Reducers You Should Never Give Dogs

While aspirin is considered a safe option to relieve pain and reduce fever in dogs, there are some human over the counter medications that can do more harm than good.

Ibuprofen and Tylenol are two examples of fever reducer medications that dogs should never take. These medications can cause liver and renal failure in dogs and can be detrimental to pets.

Some people believe that infant Tylenol is safe for dogs, though you may want to confirm with your vet first before offering it to your already sick dog. By giving your dog something which is toxic and they’re already sick and fighting a fever, you will only make matters worse and your dog won’t improve.

Dog’s Temperatures

Normally a dog’s temperature should be 101.5SF, this is the safe normal for all dogs and it may rise now and then. If you think your dog has a temperature take it twice a day and see what the results are. If your dog’s temperature goes up to 104.5SF you must call the vet immediately, they may need special medication or may need monitoring until their temperature falls again.

Dogs are prone to getting sick as they eat everything in sight, even things they shouldn’t. Being active and getting in places they shouldn’t also increase the risk of infection, which can result in heightened temperatures.

Signs Your Dog Has a Temperature

The most common telltale sign that your dog has a temperature is if their nose is dry and warm. Dog’s noses are normally moist, the temperature may change from warm to cold, and by they always stay damp.

If your dog has a warm and dry nose, first determine what the day is like. If a dog is exerting itself on a hot day, it may develop a warm dry nose until it’s cooled down again. Another sign is if your dog is listless. Your dog may have a warm dry nose and be listless, these are signs that your dog has an elevated temperature, and may need a fever reducer.

Helping a Dog with a High Temperature

If your dog has an elevated temperature and you’re too nervous to offer human over the counter medication, you can start by ensuring there is a lot of fresh water available.

Keep the water bowl close to the dog in case he doesn’t feel like getting up to drink, you can also offer him the bowl every half an hour or so to ensure he doesn’t become dehydrated.

A tepid bath is another way to lower his temperature, and acts as a fever reducer. Give him a tepid bath and then place him in a quiet area and let him fight off the temperature with lots of fresh water close by.

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Cynthia July 9, 2012

Never ever give any type of Tylenol, acetaminophen being the main & active ingredient. The name Tylenol is just a brand name. You must make sure what you want to give does not have any acetaminophen in it. The only thing acceptable would be an Ibuprofen type med to prevent upset stomach.

Don’t give long term aspirin unless directed by vet because of potential stomach ulcers from aspirin.

At times you have to find the money some how to take your loyal baby to the vet in a dogs’ life they will need to go to the vet when sick. Some dogs are luckier than others in needing health care spay/neuter is good place to start so you don’t get an infected uterus that requires emergency surgery which can cost 1,300 dollars. This usually happens between 4 yrs and 8 yrs in female dogs or cancer in a male dog of their private areas, testicle or penile shaft. I will add, if your dog eats certain items that can harm them.

You can induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide 5ml or 1 teaspoon & should vomit pretty quick look through vomit for items he ate like marijuana. This must be done ASAP or get to a vet once marijuana or other poisonous substances start circulating in the blood it may be too late you can repeat the 5ml of peroxide but after that if your dog has not thrown substance up get to vet ASAP.

You need to call vet or vet emergency room on some items because some things are dangerous to induce vomiting, like caustic items, if swallowed burn tissue going down and if they vomit it, it causes more damage coming back up but things like marijuana.

Induce vomiting with peroxide I have had 1 dog die from ingestion of marijuana 1,000 spent and her heart gave out. She did throw up on her own but didn’t help, but another dog did same just tiny amount and I induced vomiting.

I called 2 different vet emergency rooms as i didn’t have transportation car had broke down earlier in day I do not use marijuana I have a son that had a drug problem. My last dog was fine after throwing up I collected it in a bowl.

I looked through it to find substance. 1st dog a pom 6 lb 2nd was a 18 lb Jack Russell most dogs like marijuana like cats like cat nip it is very dangerous and deadly. I didn’t know about peroxide with 1st dog, but she did throw up on her own. It was a horrible death for her, just so you know for all of you out there thinking marijuana won’t harm or kill a dog yes it will and it makes them hallucinate.

I know vets are expensive especially if you have an emergency. I highly recommend you get insurance for your dog before an accident or they get sick. In bad cases you have to put your dog down because you cant afford the medical emergency.

There are lots of dog insurance companies, just research them. Look for the best one for the money. Also look for the ones that are rated the best and pay the benefits without any problems. Good luck your vet is your friend. Some are greedy true.

Look for county vets the charge less and also no where a local vet is that’s close by if you need them. Also know where your closest emergency animal vet / hospital is so you are prepared for an emergency dogs are like toddlers, curious, every thing goes in the mouth!


Stephanie March 19, 2014

Just wanted to update the data in this article. My 4 year old Dachshund was diagnosed with Pyometra and had to have an emergency hysterectomy. It costs $2,800 now-a-days (article states $1300). These Emergency Vets are out for the money, they will lie, tell you you’re a horrible dog owner, etc. if you balk on the costs. There are no regulations with veterinarians like with physicians and so they can pull on your heartstrings and pocketbook all they want with no repercussions.


Anna November 13, 2012

Don’t use acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. You are free to use anything else.


Kassidy June 22, 2013

I have a 10 year old boxer that has had arthritis for 5 years and I have always given him Tylenol. I crush it up and put it in some kinda snack and feed it to him. It helps. I just found out it is toxic to dogs and his vet says he is perfectly healthy other than the arthritis.


James June 22, 2013

Hello Kassidy. You are correct. Tylenol is poisonous for dogs. I need to make a post specifically for Tylenol because I think many people are giving it to their dogs without knowing. There is a similar post here. Glad your dog is doing fine!


Tara September 4, 2014

I cool my pup’s paws and ears with ice cubes and also let them chew on one. If they like, it’s kind of a game to them and fun. After that I do a mixture of half chicken broth (not canned) and Pedialyte. Also, the marrow from the chicken bones is really good if you can mix it in. If they can hold that down it’s usually a sign they won’t need meds.

I treated my own dog for Parvo, with meds from the vet, and this really helped me.


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