Can I Give My Dog Fever Reducer?

Can I Give My Dog Fever Reducer?Dogs also get the occasional fever, particularly when they are fighting off an infection or if they’re starting to get sick. You’ll want to reach for the nearest fever reducer. But is this okay? A dog with a mild temperature isn’t too much of a concern as long as it doesn’t go about 104.5F. If their reading goes over this, call the vet immediately.

There are medications which are considered safe for dog consumption and will help fight off a fever. You first need to know what is causing the fever, if you know the cause you can try and treat it on your own, but if there is no cause and your dog’s temperature is soaring, seek veterinary assistance.

Dogs like humans are guaranteed to get sick sometimes during their lives, it’s heartbreaking for the owner who is unable to explain to their unhappy dog what is wrong with them. If you feel you need to treat the fever, check with your vet before administering any human medication.

Can I Give My Dog Fever Reducer? Answer: Yes, consider baby aspirin

Aspirin is the safest choice to give a dog to fight off a fever.

Never use the coated variety, always choose the buffered or powder covered verities. In order to get effective results you will need to give your dog 10mg per kilogram of dog every eight to twelve hours. You can give aspirin without much concern unless your dog suffers with liver or kidney damage or another illness which they are on medication for, you will need to confirm with your vet first.

Dangerous Fever Reducers

While aspirin is a safe option to relieve pain and reduce fever in dogs, there are some human over the counter medications that can do more harm than good.

Ibuprofen and Tylenol are two examples of fever reducer medications that dogs should never take. These medications can cause liver and renal failure in dogs.

By giving your dog something which is toxic and they’re already sick and fighting a fever, you will only make matters worse and your dog won’t improve.

Normal Temperature Range

Normally a dog’s temperature should be 101.5SF, though it may rise now and then. If you think your dog has a temperature take it twice a day and see what the results are.

If your dog’s temperature goes up to 104.5SF you must call the vet immediately, they may need special medication or may need monitoring until their temperature falls again.

Dogs are prone to getting sick as they eat everything in sight, even things they shouldn’t. Being active and getting in places they shouldn’t also increase the risk of infection, which can result in heightened temperatures.

Telltale Signs of Canine Fever

The most common sign that your dog has a temperature is if their nose is dry and warm. Dogs’ noses are normally moist, the temperature may change from warm to cold, and by they always stay damp.

If your dog has a warm and dry nose, first determine what the day is like. If a dog is exerting itself on a hot day, it may develop a warm dry nose until it’s cooled down again.

Another sign is if your dog is listless. Your dog may have a warm dry nose and be listless, these are signs that your dog has an elevated temperature, and may need a fever reducer.

Conclusion on Fever Reducers

If your dog has an elevated temperature you can start with the basics. A bath is a way to lower a high temperature and acts as a fever reducer. Give your dog a tepid bath and then place them in a quiet area. Also, allow them to fight off the temperature by giving lots of fresh water. Offer or remind your dog every half an hour to ensure they don’t become dehydrated.

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