Can I Give My Dog Dulcolax?

Can I Give My Dog Dulcolax?Dulcolax is a popular treatment option among us humans for the occasional bout of constipation. If you’ve got some in your medicine cabinet you might have made the mental leap of giving it to your dog after noticing the signs that they’re suffering from the same thing.

As with most medicines made for humans, giving such a drug to your dog is not a good idea. While you may be wanting to help your dog, this is not the way to do it.

A case of constipation is not the end of the world for them, and they’ll be fine if left alone. What you want to look for is a chronic case, and then try to figure out why it’s happening and fix the cause, rather than the symptom.

Can I Give My Dog Dulcolax? Answer: No

Dulcolax may be sold without a prescription, but that doesn’t mean it is a weak drug, or that it doesn’t have a strong effect on the body. They wouldn’t really be successful at selling a drug for constipation if they required you to see your doctor first.

They are aiming at people that want a quick fix so that they can get over it and get back to their life. It’s a rather effective medication that works, but it is not something you want to give your dog for the following reasons:

First, the makers of Dulcolax did not set out to make an anti-constipation drug for dogs. They didn’t formulate it for dogs, they didn’t dose it for dogs, and they didn’t test it on dogs. Therefore, any guesses as to how much you should give your dog would be completely haphazard and irresponsible.

Don’t guess with Dulcolax, it could make the situation worse than it has to be. Dogs know how to deal with an instance of constipation, so you have to be more forward thinking and not simply try to treat the immediate symptoms.

What Causes Constipation in Dogs?

Any number of factors can cause constipation in dogs. This is because their mouth is one of their most used faculties for figuring out the world around them. They pretty much classify things into edible and inedible, and they put it in their mouth to find out.

This means they swallow all sorts of things and once they’ve got it down there’s typically only one way out for it. This can lead to constipation, and in extreme cases things can get lodged in their intestines and need to be removed by a surgical vet.

It can also be a low grade dog food that is causing the problem. If your dog isn’t getting enough fiber from the food you’re giving them, the end result will be that their organs don’t function at the proper levels and they end up constipated. Buying them cheap dog food and then supplementing with drugs like Dulcolax is a roundabout way of going about things, and a better way would be to just get them a better grade of food.

Noticing the Signs

If you catch your dog in the moment of going to the bathroom and they seem to be having a tough time of it, they might be constipated. There are varying degrees, and they might struggle and succeed at getting it out, or they might struggle and then give up. It’s pretty similar to human constipation, which is what makes it easy to spot.

If you don’t see them in the act, then you can tell because their poop will be hard and dry right from the moment it comes out. This is time to get your thinking cap on and try to figure out why this is happening.

Alternative to Dulcolax

If you want a more natural way of helping them out, or at least soothing their digestive system, you might want to try the time tested and peer approved method of giving them canned pumpkin.

Final Word on Dulcolax

Dulcolax is not the fix for your dog, so keep it for yourself. Your dog’s problem can usually be fixed by leaving things be, taking notes, and taking them into the vet when the situation reaches a level where they need better help than you can provide.

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