Can I Give My Dog Dinovite?

Can I Give My Dog Dinovite?Dinovite is an aggressively marketed health supplement for dogs. We get asked a lot if it actually improves canine health. It’s time we address this important topic for pet parents.

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An immune system boost, less allergies, improved skin and coat as well as better digestion are some of the claims. Dinovite, in effect, is a sort of probiotic for dogs since it contains bacteria and enzymes.

The problem is the supply chain is tightly controlled. Dinovite products aren’t found on PetSmart, Petco or Amazon. This makes objective reviews dog-gone difficult. Our take is this…

Can I Give My Dog Dinovite? Answer: There are cheaper & better options

We’ll make recommendations that are a better overall value.

There’s nothing special about Dinovite’s popular powder formula product. The primary ingredient is ground up flax-seeds, followed by kelp and various yeast cultures. Their liquid version, pictured here, contains lots of fish oil and chicken parts.

Dinovite won’t work miracles, but could break the budget.

Lack of Honest Reviews

Dinovite does appear to work for lots of dogs. Most reviews are positive. Of course, don’t go by what you read on the company’s website. They aren’t going to showcase anything negative.

The truth is that Dinovite relies on brand name recognition to drive sales. It’s an overpriced product relative to similarly effective supplements for dogs.

Dinovite is Hit or Miss

First off, dogs with serious medical problems should see a vet. It’s rare that a supplement will turn around a serious condition.

Owners typically go the Dinovite route to treat frustrating allergies. It may help your dog, but many report mixed results and don’t reorder.

Their products do include excellent vitamins, trace minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. But Dinovite’s price point creates high expectations for dog owners.

Downsides to Dinovite

You’ll spend a lot of money for something you likely won’t be blown away by. You really can’t expect Dinovite to fix your dog’s problems. Yet, the price point suggests that’ll happen.

On the contrary, there are reported cases of diarrhea. Fussy dogs often don’t like Dinovite’s taste. The liquid version smells awful (people and dogs agree).

There are many good alternatives if your dog is shedding, itching or is stinky. For joints and general health, there are numerous choices that are cheaper and better than Dinovite.

Top Quality Alternatives

The Missing Link has an excellent line of supplements. They’re also much more affordable than Dinovite.

Target your dog’s coat or skin with Ultimate Skin & Coat Dog Supplement or try their joint health solution called Ultimate Hip, Joint & Coat Dog Supplement.

Our neighbors swear by this quality dog supplement for their Pug.

Some say Dinovite’s products are fresher than competing supplements. This isn’t true since Missing Link’s products sell like hot cakes!

Better Canine Probiotics

For a probiotic that can improve your dog’s digestion, look no further. Try one of the following instead of over-priced Dinovite:

Veterinary Diets Fortiflora by Purina

Vetri-Mega by Vetri-Science Laboratories

Pet Ultimates Probiotics for dogs

Those have a proven track record. You can read unbiased reviews about them, unlike Dinovite. They also won’t break the bank.

Conclusion on Dinovite

Dinovite works for some dogs, but it doesn’t measure up in terms of value. Save yourself an expensive disappointment. Try the alternatives we’ve recommended and consider changing your dog’s diet. It could dramatically improve health. Avoid worthless corn-based fillers or chicken by-products. Get your dog quality canine chow and they’ll be better off for it.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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