Can I Give My Dog Dinovite?

Can I Give My Dog Dinovite?Dinovite is a well known health supplement due to aggressive marketing. We get asked a lot about using it to improve canine health. Should you give your dog Dinovite? It’s time we address this topic.

Their products claim to boost the immune system, reduce allergies, enhance skin and coat as well as improve digestion. Interestingly, since Dinovite contains bacteria and enzymes it can be considered a type of probiotic for dogs.

One problem is that Dinovite tightly controls who can sell their products. They aren’t found on PetSmart, Petco or Amazon which makes objective reviews more difficult. So here’s what we think!

Can I Give My Dog Dinovite? Answer: There are cheaper & better options

There are other products, which we’ll be recommending, that are a better overall value.

There’s nothing special about Dinovite’s most popular product which is a powder formula. The primary ingredient is ground up flax-seeds followed by kelp and various yeast cultures. Their liquid version, pictured here, contains a lot of fish oil and chicken parts.

Lack of Honest Reviews

Dinovite does seem to work for many dogs and most of the reviews are positive. Of course, you can’t go by what you read on the company’s website since they aren’t going to showcase anything negative. The truth is that Dinovite relies on their brand name recognition to drive sales for what’s become an overpriced product line relative to similarly effective supplements for dogs.

Dinovite is Hit or Miss

First off, dogs with serious medical problems should see a vet. No supplement is going to turn around a serious condition. But most owners going the Dinovite route are trying to treat issues like allergies from grass pollen, for example. It may help your dog but, at the same time, many folks are reporting mixed results after using Dinovite.

Their products do contain lots of healthy elements such as vitamins, trace minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. The problem is that Dinovite’s price point creates very high expectations for dog owners.

The Downside of Dinovite

Nobody wants to spend a significant amount of money for something they aren’t blown away by. If the product doesn’t cure their dog’s issues, you end up with some very unhappy customers.

People are also reporting cases of diarrhea after giving their dogs Dinovite. Other dogs, particularly fussy types, don’t like the taste of Dinovite. Another problem is that the liquid version smells really awful (people and dogs agree). The good news is that there are now many dog treatments for shedding, itching, stinkiness, joints, and general health. We’ll make some suggestions here.

Best Dinovite Alternatives

The Missing Link has a highly rated line of supplements which are much cheaper than Dinovite. You can target your dog’s coat or skin with their Ultimate Skin & Coat Dog Supplement or try their joint health and digestive solution called Ultimate Hip, Joint & Coat Dog Supplement.

Our dogs have benefited from both of those and so we highly recommend them. Our neighbors swear by Nupro Dog Supplement by Nutri-Pet Research for their Pug.

Some say Dinovite’s products are more fresh than other supplements because they don’t sit in third party warehouses. This is no longer true since Missing Link’s products sell like hot cakes!

Better K9 Probiotics

If you are looking for a probiotic to improve your dog’s digestion and stomach health then try one of these instead of overpriced Dinovite:

Veterinary Diets Fortiflora by Purina

Probiotic Everyday Bite Size Chews or Vetri-Mega by Vetri-Science Laboratories

These 3 products have a proven track record. You can read unbiased reviews about them on websites like Amazon unlike Dinovite. All of them are also cheaper.

Conclusion on Dinovite

Dinovite works for some dogs but it doesn’t offer the best overall value in today’s competitive market. Save yourself an expensive disappointment. Also, consider changing your dog’s diet as doing so could dramatically improve health. Avoid dog foods containing worthless corn-based fillers or chicken by-products. Get your pet dog a quality brand with real meat listed as the first ingredient.

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Claudia May, 2016

We started our 10 year old Blood Hound on Dinovite hoping it would help with itching and allergic skin conditions. We followed the directions carefully and after reaching the full dose, our dog suddenly became disinterested in food and developed severe, bloody diarrhea. After several vet visits, antibiotics, blood tests, diet changes and no improvement we took her off the Dinovite and she improved almost immediately.

After a week she is eating normally again and has healthy digestion. We could introduce the Dinovite again to test our theory that it made her very sick, but choose not to use her as a guinea pig. We will be seeking the full money back guarantee that Dinovite advertises.


Kathy Stoll May, 2016

I have had my 5 year old German Shepherd on Dinovite for the last three months for yeast problems. I followed the directions to a tee and noticed absolutely no difference whatsoever. In fact, it seemed she was getting worse after maybe a month into it. I figured it was toxins being released, like Dinovite said may happen.

I had researched yeast problems before trying Dinovite, so she was already on a good quality grain-free food called Canidae. I had also switched all her treats to meaty and grain-free. I probably won’t try getting my money back as I’m sure they will try dragging things out by suggesting a raw diet, etc.

I will not be ordering any more Dinovite, and am very disappointed since I thought this was really going to be the answer.


Rick March, 2016

My three large dogs just finished the 29 pound box of Dinovite. I followed the instructions, provided by the company, to the letter. My dogs all experienced severe diarrhea and loose stools, horrible flatulence, bloating, severe itching and dandruff. Their breath and coat began to smell horribly. I dismissed this as their bodies purging toxins.

They all seem to have stiff joints now. None of them are on any medication. I contacted the company and they responded via email with a generic form letter. It was apparent they didn’t read my detailed inquiry. I called them out on that as being disingenuous and I didn’t hear back.

I was giving my dogs raw or lightly cooked chop meat with two scoops Dinovite. I used warm water for mixing as well as fish oil. They also received hard boiled eggs with shells and lightly cooked green vegetables. My dogs seemed to like this diet, always cleaning their bowls.

One of my dog’s once had a beautiful coat and now he smells horrible, has dandruff and sheds profusely. He rarely itched and now he’s always scratching. He’s tired and his joints are stiff. My other two dogs have prolific shedding that never ends. My older Shepherd’s arthritis has gotten much worse. Her shedding is worse but her breath is okay, coat smells fine.

My female Rotty’s breath has become intolerable and her back teeth are coated with thick, brown tartar. Her arthritis is worse and her coat is very poor. Neither of my three dogs had bad breath and only typical seasonal shedding. They’ve also gained significant weight since I added Dinovite.

They’ve always been on a raw or non-commercial diet. I’m not going to go back to Dinovite again. I really wanted it to work. My girlfriend thought I was crazy after witnessing my 90 day daily routine but my dogs are worth it to me.

If anyone has an answer or just some sound advice for my older dogs (two are almost 13 and one is 10), I’d be interested to hear from you. I’ve been feeding my dogs raw or home-cooked meals for 13 years.


Tom March, 2016

First of all let me say that if it is for my dog, nothing is too expensive. I think people are not giving Dinovite time to work. I give my dog less than the directions say because it looks like a lot. After about 3 weeks her skin cleared up and her coat looks much better and now I only bath her every 2 weeks, instead of every 4 days. The box lasts about 6 months so the price is not a problem.


Sheila March, 2016

Our dog had some major allergies. I tried Dinovite but it didn’t help. I finally turned to a Chinese doctor to find out what he was allergic to. Turns out it was our well water and several other things, one of which was the Dinovite. I’ve stopped using it.


Paul December, 2015

I have heard the ads on the radio for the Dinovite product which in the course of investigation led me here. There is no doubt that Dinovite can be effective for some. Thanks for the information.


Renee November, 2015

My Golden Retriever has had horrible sores under his belly as well as scaring and many hot spots. We went to many vets and tried all kinds of meds including fish oil. His food was also changed. Nothing worked until I found Dinovite. After one month, I saw a change and decided to get another box. 2 boxes later my dog now has hair growing where there used to be scars and his hair is so shiny and soft. My vet was totally impressed. I love this stuff, just ordered a 3rd box yesterday.


Ken Wilks October, 2015

I am actually doing some work for Designing Health Incorporated which is the maker of The Missing Link. First of all, thanks for the favorable mention. We ordered some Dinovite as well and were surprised it came in a box with an inexpensive clear plastic twist-tie bag. If you have ever cut an apple and left it out, you know what it looks like when the apple turns brown. Oxygen quickly breaks down the Omegas which is why Missing Link comes in a foil lined, oxygen barrier bag that’s flushed with Nitrogen to remove the oxygen.

Also, flax found in Dinovite has the good stuff removed from it, for the most part. What is left has been exposed to oxygen for long periods of time. The Missing Link tests the seeds for nutrition before they are ground up and put into the formula. Finally, you can rate Dinovite by the nutrient claims they don’t put on their box. We were amazed that a product so highly advertised does not have more to it. Perhaps most of the money goes to advertising and they have little left for packaging or ingredients.

One last thought, the Missing Link has 6 US patents including those beneficial for skin and coat, joint health and feline hairballs which are all proven. In fact, over 60 different improvements in health were measured. I’ll get off my soapbox now!


Liz December, 2015

Sir, no offense but that sounded like a cry for attention. While I have no doubt your product is good, attempts like this to get recognition are shallow and do not highlight your product like you want them to. Even if your accusations are true, it seems like you are doing nothing more than trying to discredit a competitor’s name on a personal basis.


Michelle December, 2015

Ken Wilks primarily stated the facts as to the difference between like ingredients used for both products as well as packaging issues. However, the comment regarding how Dinovite’s money is spent would have been better left unsaid. It’s speculative, unfounded and undermines the integrity of the company. Viewers look at reviews for the informative facts and truth in order to best understand a product and assist in their purchase choices.


Gary May, 2015

Good info, but since DinoVite offers a money-back guarantee it seems that it couldn’t hurt to try.


Erik May, 2015

You do not get reimbursed on processing and handling and you must pay for the return of your order. This is before they consider the so-called money-back guarantee. I suggest you find out what your shipping and handling fees will be and then consider if the guarantee is worth the electrons it’s written in.


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