Can I Give My Dog Crackers?

Can I Give My Dog Crackers?Crackers are a popular snack that most households munch on occasionally. Since they’re usually bite-sized, they may seem like a perfect dog treat. If you’ve ever tossed your dog a cracker, they’ve probably wolfed it down. The taste will make just about any canine think they’ve done something right. But is it okay to give to your dog?

Most people have given their four-legged friend some people food as a treat, at least one time or another. But you probably know it’s a bad habit to get into and crackers definitely fall into this category. It trains your dog to want what you’re having, blurring the line between what’s theirs and what’s yours. It also can lead to stomach problems.

That’s why it’s best just to stick to quality dog food and water, with the occasional dog treat when they earn it. This will keep the bad habits at bay, and will avoid potential health problems resulting from eating people foods. So while a cracker isn’t going to harm your doggie, they should be highly restricted.

Can I Give My Dog Crackers? Answer: Not Recommended

Although crackers aren’t dangerous for your dog in small quantities, they aren’t something that you should be feeding to them.

Imagine your dog as a well-oiled machine that needs a high quality fuel. We all know that a cracker isn’t going to cut it. After all, canines are a result of thousands of years of evolution. Only recently have they started sharing homes with humans, where all the crackers are kept!

Nature never meant for them to consume such things, so it’s not really doing them any good to wolf this type of human snack down. On the other hand, providing a rare cracker on occasion isn’t going to necessarily harm them either. You’ll have to set your own policy regarding this treat, but don’t forget the behavioral aspect of Fido’s feeding time which is a big part of good dog ownership.

Some Sodium Concerns

Most crackers contain a lot of added salt for taste. They’re higher in sodium than many other foods. For a dog, they are going to be really high in sodium. Remember, the nutritional facts you see printed on the box are calculated for us, not dogs.

The daily sodium requirements for dogs are lower than for those of humans. If you are giving them a good dog food, they’re already getting their sodium needs met. Adding more to the mix, in combination with the high fat content of this wheat-based food, is not smart.

If anything, you’ll just make them thirsty and they’ll end up drinking more water. But the take away here is that there are only two kinds of foods you can give your dog: those that are good for them and those that aren’t. It’s just that simple! While it may be fun to toss them cracker as a treat once in a while, it’s definitely not the best choice. Make it a dog treat instead.

Better Dog Treats

Quality dog treats are made specifically for canines will make all those concerned happy in the end. You’ll see them light up when you start to open a box or the bag of treats. They’ll be equally satisfied because they’ll be getting something out of the ordinary.

Plus you can be content knowing there’s extra vitamins and nutrients in such a treat. Better yet, choose one that helps freshen their breath or scrape the gunk off their teeth!

Conclusion on Crackers

It may be boring giving them the same food and water each day. You may get the feeling like you’re treating them as if they were a prisoner and not a beloved pet. But dogs don’t think of food the way we do and the use of crackers aren’t going to improve anything.

For dogs food is fuel but only you know what the good fuel is. Giving them a high quality dog food in lieu of all sorts of table scraps, people snacks or other oddball foods is a way better way. That type of doggie diet plan will surely lead to better health in the long term.

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Marika October 9, 2014

I give my little Dachshund a tiny little unsalted soft cheese two times a day. I wrap his pills in it. It’s the only way he gets his pills down, but now I see cheese is not good for dogs.

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Dylan July 9, 2015

You could probably put the pills in a banana because dogs can eat bananas.

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