Can I Give My Dog Cortisone?

Can I Give My Dog Cortisone?Cortisone helps for all sorts of ailments including asthma, hormone disorders and arthritis. It comes in different forms including OTC ointments to a shot. Most vets do not recommend this drug as a treatment option for dogs.

If you’re thinking that your dog needs something like Cortisone-10, they should probably see a vet beforehand. Your dog will only need this type of shot in an emergency situation and it’s usually in rare cases.

The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t give drugs that are prescribed to humans to dogs. There are just too many unknowns, and too many potential side effects. Your dog could experience a worse reaction than the problems they’re already experiencing.

Can I Give My Dog Cortisone? Answer: No

There are plenty of potential side effects that can occur as a result of giving cortisone to a dog.

Many anecdotal stories from dog owners reveal that after receiving cortisone shots some dogs have died. This should not put you off of seeing the vet if your pet is suffering from a condition that doesn’t seem like it’s going to get better on its own.

The overriding answer is that you would never want to give this to your dog on your own, and if your vet wants to give your dog cortisone, be sure to have them detail all of the risks so that you have the information you need to make the right choice.

Cortizone 10 (pictured)

If you are thinking of giving your dog a cream like Cortizone-10, it can be confusing. This hydrocortisone product derives its name from cortisone. Is it the same thing? It’s actually considered a steroid and you should consider the risks involved.

This is a cream that’s typically used for rashes and other allergy-induced itchiness. It should not be your dogs first course of treatment. A vet may say it’s okay for your pet, or they may recommend an alternative cream that is better handled by dogs.

Potential Side Effects

There are side effects that come with cortisone. These are compounded when you switch species to a canine, due to the possibility of getting the dosage wrong, the differences between the different breeds, and a dog’s individual medical history. These side effects can take their toll on many parts of the body, including the nervous system, which is what makes giving a dog cortisone so risky, and why it could end up being lethal.

With so many side effects, it’s just not worth the risk to try and treat your dog on your own, even if you think it will be better than leaving your dog untreated. If they are really suffering you should get them to the vet so they can do a full analysis of what’s wrong and get them on the proper treatment.

Trusting Your Local Vet

Your vet is no doubt an animal lover, and is going to do everything in their power to help your dog get well again. Sometimes in the course of treatment they might give your dog something that makes the problem worse, and sometimes a dog will end up dying from the treatment.

But vets use their vast knowledge and experience to provide both emergency care, and long-term treatments for dogs and they are the best chance your pet has at making it through whatever situation they’re dealing with. Your vet may recommended Atopica.

Conclusion on Cortisone

You don’t want to exacerbate the situation by giving your dog Cortisone-10 or Prednisone. There are too many instances where dogs have showed severe negative reactions to its use, and too many deaths have been linked to it to take it lightly. While it may end up saving your dog’s life if they are in dire need of it during an emergency situation, it’s best to leave these decisions to the experts and hope for a speedy recovery.

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Renee March, 2016

I have a small but overweight rescue dog. She has a pushed in nose and has to have her hair cut/groomed as she does not shed. She has a terrible rash on her legs, tail and tummy. It oozes and turns to a whitish cream colored (cradle cap like).

The smell is horrendous as it burns my nose! When bathing her, we use a soft brush to try to get the crust off after letting her soak awhile. We had some cortisone cream to put on her while still damp, that I used for hand eczema, called Desoximetasone (generic name).

It works great on my hands as well as for her problem too. When my hands would get really bad, I’d get a cortisone shot of Kenalog. Is it possible to buy injectable cortisone for my dog? How much should she have? I feel that it will surely clear her up for longer amount of time. Thank you.


Diane July, 2015

I have a 9 year old Welsh Terrier that’s having trouble with her hind legs. It’s difficult for her to get up or walk. Something to do with her legs or hips. When she gets up, she can walk a few steps but then has to sit down. The vet wants to give prednisone or a cortisone shot but hasn’t taken blood tests to see what’s causing the problems.


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