Can I Give My Dog Cornmeal?

Can I Give My Dog Cornmeal?Cornmeal or corn flour isn’t a good ingredient for dogs. This rarely talked about topic is relevant to lots of foods, including canine chow. Pet parents should learn more about the downsides of this popular but undesirable grain.

Corn-based filler has long been utilized for mass produced dog foods and is sometimes falsely marketed as a good alternative protein source. Cornmeal, in particular, is basically flour derived from corn that’s been ground and dried.

Unfortunately, people continue to feed their dogs foods containing too much cornmeal or similar fillers. While certainly cheap, this grain also isn’t so healthy. Lots of pets actually have difficulty digesting all types of corn.

Can I Give My Dog Cornmeal? Answer: No, avoid when possible

This filler is poorly digested and is best avoided.

Protein from meat is much more appropriate compared to cornmeal and grains in general. Most experts agree that corn, in itself, isn’t suitable for dogs. It lacks nutritional value but also isn’t good for your best buddy’s digestive system. Spend a little more to make sure your beloved dog gets quality canine chow containing quality meat such as lamb, venison, beef or chicken. So now you know to be on the lookout for cornmeal when selecting food for Fido.

Cornmeal and K9 Allergies

A common culprit for canine allergies is often traced to corn-based food. Some dogs develop allergies or bowel problems from eating too much cornmeal. It can contribute to coarse coats, ear infections, flaky or itchy skin and even weight problems. There’s no doubt that too much cornmeal, as component in dog food, is a strong indication of a poor diet.

Try eliminating corn, also known as maize, as well as cornmeal completely if you have a dog with allergy problems. The situation may dramatically improve. In any case, a grain-based dog food will likely fall well short of your dog’s dietary needs and could eventually become apparent when their health noticeably declines.

Cornmeal is a Bad Meal

The good news is that meat-based dog food is better than what was available in years past. There’s a new understanding and positive trend towards having meats as the foundation for good nutrition. In other words, highly-processed products that contain too much cornmeal are out of favor and for good reason.

So when determining the best type of diet your dog, the choice between corn-based or meat-based food is easy. If your dog is in good health, and has no problems with their heart or thyroid, make sure they get the good protein which means very little or no cornmeal! Chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, venison, and even fish are all great options.

Reduce Grain, Improve Health

Maintaining a healthy diet means spending some time carefully reading nutritional labels. This should also hold true when choosing a quality dog food. The good news is that it’s easy when you know what to look for. Provide a top quality grain-free dog food that’s protein packed. If you see cornmeal, or a similar derivative, listed as one of the top ingredients then you’ll know it is to be avoided.

Finding Truly Good K9 Chow

Identifying quality meat in dog food can be tricky. For instance, the word poultry may refer to by-products of chicken. Pure chicken is much preferred since poultry includes the internal organs such as the heart and the liver. But this classification can also mean there are animal parts like heads, bones, feet and other undesirable unknowns. These are things, in addition to cornmeal, that are best not fed to dogs.

Conclusion on Cornmeal

Cornmeal, cornflour and most other grains may be cheaper in the short term but your dog may have to pay for it later on. The goal should be not to simply fill up your pet’s stomach, because such a feeding strategy can be a recipe for poor health. Focus on providing your dog with quality nutrition. Cornmeal, either as an ingredient in human foods or in corn-based dog food, is best avoided.

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Paul February, 2016

Cornmeal is ground corn, not sweet corn. You must boil the water first, with cut up scraps of meat no chicken or fish bones. You can probably get a lot from your butchers’ market or slaughterhouse for a reasonable price. When the meat is done, after 20 minutes, add water to raise the liquid level and again bring to boil. Then add cornmeal, stirring it continually.

Cornmeal absorbs water and the volume will seem to increase. While stirring it you’ll notice that it did thicken and this is good. So when the spoon seems to stand in the pot, this should be enough meal. Cook for a further 40 minutes and it should smell cooked and meaty. Similar to cakes and puddings, check that a knife can be removed from it cleanly. This must cool for a while before feeding it to your pets.

Do not add salt, it causes binding. That is how I did it for years. I hope it helps.


Deanna June, 2015

My small dog has been sick for the last two days and has thrown up about 10 times. We took her to the vet and they ran blood and urine tests which were normal. We were trying to figure out what she could have gotten into and we came up with cornmeal for ants. We don’t know if this was it, but maybe.


Babs Korf June, 2013

Thanks for the info. It is always difficult to know what to feed my baby. I have a little Maltipoo who is 4 months old.


James June, 2013

I could tell you really love your dog. Please stop by often to stay informed, especially since you have a long relationship to look forward to with your young pup.


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