Can I Give My Dog Cod Liver Oil?

Can I Give My Dog Cod Liver Oil?Do the health benefits of cod liver oil also work for dogs? After all, they are very different from us. That’s why it’s best to hold off on giving them something like cod liver oil, and consult your vet for any specific concerns.

Treating your dog at home on your own might seem like a good idea, especially if you’re trying to avoid the vet bills that come with bringing your dog in for things that turn out to be nothing. But, if you go by the advice you get from other dog owners online, you are really rolling the dice as far as your dog’s health goes.

Some owners don’t really care what they give their dogs, and treat them as if they are a guinea pig. They will say that it is fine to give them something like cod liver oil but they don’t have any credentials to give any backing to their recommendations.

Can I Give My Dog Cod Liver Oil? Answer: Not Recommended

Your dog doesn’t really need cod liver oil. If they’re getting a high quality dog food they will be receiving everything they need to have a healthy and happy life.

Typically, dogs don’t need any extra supplements. Trying to compensate for nutritional deficiencies due to a low grade dog food is not the way to go.

Better Way to Go

Instead of worrying about getting your dog things like cod liver oil, most medical conditions can be prevented by feeding them the best dog food possible. The same kind of supplements that us humans get can be pretty expensive to be giving to your dog. Instead, just give them a high quality dog food and you don’t have to worry about adding anything else to it.

Supplement questions, such as these, can best be answered by your veterinarian because they have the most information on your dog’s medical history, as well as what could be causing the conditions that are making you want to give your dog cod liver oil in the first place.

An Old Wives Tale?

A lot of the people that swear that cod liver oil is good to take are referring to an old wives tale that mothers used as a way to justify giving it to their babies whenever they had digestive issues. If you give a baby cod liver oil it would make them go to the bathroom, therefore relieving a baby of any bowel movement problems they were experiencing.

So if your dog is having trouble going to the bathroom, and this is making you think that giving them cod liver oil will help, you should really consider the fact that maybe the only reason this is popping in your head is because it is something you heard her grandmother talking about ages ago. But she probably wasn’t talking about giving it to a dog, she was probably referring to giving it to a baby, so it’s not the same.

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Some people think that the benefits of taking cod liver oil outweigh the possible harm. These include Omega-3, as well as high amounts of vitamin A. However, there is nothing showing that your dog needs large amounts of vitamin A supplementing their diet, nor has there been any research showing that dogs benefit from Omega 3 the way we do.

Rather than giving your dog things that they most likely doesn’t need, it’s best to focus on giving it the things it does. If you look at the label for a good brand of dog food, you’ll notice that the first ingredient should be a meat substance, giving them the high amount of protein they need. Then there will be a host of other ingredients that are meant to give your dog the other nutrients and minerals it needs to live an active lifestyle.

Conclusion on Cod Liver Oil

Quality dog foods have been specially formulated so that they contain only the things that your dog needs. They don’t typically need cod liver oil. Their digestive systems are so different from ours that many foods we eat don’t get absorbed properly by them, and are essentially rendered useless.

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Sean Wray July 22, 2015

We have been putting cod liver oil on our Border Collie’s food on a daily basis. The farmer we got him from advised us to do this because he said it would help his coat to stay resistant to water. What ever the reason, his coat looks great and is always commented on by people he meets and any rain does appear to run off well.

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Pablo March 20, 2015

Dogs benefit from Omega-3, 6 and 9. Dogs can’t make the essential fatty acids just like us humans. We must get it from our diet. Cod liver oil is great for dogs and humans.

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Sam Brighton January 31, 2015

I am giving my dog cod liver oil to help with her joints, not as an alternative to a good healthy diet which she has. She has just had her yearly check-up and we talked about her always being being a bit stiff after walks and this may be the early onset of rheumatism. She’s been taking cod liver oil 3 times a week for the last year. My vet says to keep giving this to her as there’s no negative effect on her health. I hope this information helps.

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