Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Grapefruit!

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Grapefruit is obviously very nutritious, but can dogs benefit too? Is it safe to share?

Can I Give My Dog Grapefruit?The fruit ranges from extremely bitter to super sour, though the taste isn’t why grapefruit should be off-limits to your dog.

Here’s the deal:

There is a level of toxicity in this hybrid citrus that generally makes it a bad idea for pets.

Your Dog Should Not Have Grapefruit

The essential oils have the potential to cause harm.

Sure, people give their dogs grapefruit without incident. Nevertheless, sharing is not recommended.

According to the ASPCA, a compound in this fruit known as psoralen is toxic for dogs.

So while this excellent health food has benefits for people, furry friends should not be eating it.

Play it safe. Keep your grapefruit out of reach just in case your dog tries to get their paws on some.

The Most Dangerous Part

Some point out that it is the grapefruit’s peel, seeds and what is known as the pith that are actually toxic for dogs.

That is true!

And, in fact, you can reduce the risk of toxicity by carefully preparing it for consumption.

However, we think it’s not worth it to feed this acidic fruit.

Take a hard look at what grapefruit can uniquely offer to canines. Not much! The benefits do not apply so much to pets.

Grapefruit And Vitamin C

The biggest vitamin boost to be had from eating grapefruits is from the high levels of vitamin C they contain.

However, dogs do not typically require extra vitamin-C. Interestingly, they produce their own and introducing more would be overkill and possibly harmful in many instances.

Any Other Health Benefits?

People consume grapefruits for many reasons including for the powerful antioxidants.

Dogs can also benefit from antioxidants, especially older ones, but owners should be selective about how they introduce them i.e. provide broccoli instead of grapefruit!

Another healthy aspect commonly associated with this fruit involves weight loss, but again this certainly doesn’t apply to an obese or overweight pet pooch.

Do not even consider putting your dog on the Grapefruit Diet as a way to burn fat!

Perspective And Another Use

Of course, you want your dog to be as healthy as possible.

Our advice is to spend your money on quality food instead of offering something like a questionable grapefruit.

While you can occasionally feed your dog certain fruits, sticking to a premium dog food would be a really smart decision.

Fun Fact: Grapefruit is citrus fruit, like pomegranate, that originated in Barbados by crossing a sweet orange with a pomelo.

The Bottom Line

Grapefruit, especially the peel and seeds, does not make any sense for dogs.

On the contrary, it could upset your buddy’s stomach even if properly prepared. There is also potential for more serious symptoms.

Your dog may not even like the taste of grapefruit. And consider that canines don’t typically need extra vitamin C.

It’s best to avoid giving your dog this fruit.

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11 thoughts on “Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Grapefruit!”

  1. Our dogs love grapefruit and oranges and get them occasionally without any side effects. The breeder also recommends vitamin C as a supplement for their immune system.

    They were introduced to it as puppies so that’s probably why they like it as adults also. We have had no problems with it, but that doesn’t mean all dogs can tolerate it.

    Question: why would anyone give them the rind or seeds?

    1. My English Bulldog ate grapefruit rind out of a trash can and had an allergic reaction. The result was vomiting, trouble breathing, swollen eyes and face. She spent a day in the hospital receiving Benadryl, IV and oxygen and it took her about 3 days to fully recover.

  2. There is a difference between letting your dog eat a grapefruit, drink liters of the pure juice, and just putting a few drops or shot into a dish full of water as a supplement/taste. I think the third option would be the best idea for any who refuses to hold their dog back from ever experiencing the fruit.

  3. Grind up the seeds from grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes or other citrus fruits and add them to food. Grapefruit seeds are effective for killing, weakening and repelling parasites.

  4. My dog loves fruits. She steals apples from my bowl and eats a few slices. She also likes grapefruit, grapes and oranges. Honestly, it seems she prefers fruits over normal dog food.

  5. My dog absolutely goes bonkers over grapefruit. I always give her some, but I’d like to know if I’m doing damage.

  6. My dog ate some small amounts of grapefruit the other day and had no complications. She really enjoyed it and wanted more.

  7. The ASPCA website says grapefruit is toxic to dogs, cats and horses. Look for diarrhea, depression, vomiting and possible photosensitivity.

    1. The ASPCA is referring to the grapefruit plant, not the fruit.

  8. My dobie went crazy trying to get my grapefruit out of my bowl, it was weird! I didn’t think he would even like the smell of it but he did so I gave him a very small taste and he liked it, a lot! But this is not something I would give him regularly.

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