Can I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

Can I Clean My Dog's Ears?Though mostly self-sufficient, your dog’s ears should be routinely cleaned. It’s a good habit to get into assuming you do it correctly, without causing harm.

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Ear trouble isn’t unheard of (no pun intended) for pet dogs. Bigger breeds are more prone to infections as are those spending lots of time outdoors.

If your beloved dog has an ear infection, consider visiting a vet for appropriate treatment. Here we’ll be talking about about preventative care. Keep reading!

Can I Clean My Dog’s Ears? Answer: Yes, carefully

It can be routinely done with the right products.

Hydrocortisone ear treatment made for dogs is the best treatment for bacterial ear infections.Ā Know that a brownish waxy secretion inside the ear canals is normal for a dog and you don’t need to remove that. For preventative care, the inside of the flaps are what you should be focused on to avoid veterinary visits. We use very convenient, disposable ear wipes made for dogs and they are great.

Preventative Care is Smart

Debris canĀ accumulateĀ in and around the ear flaps from running in weeds, brush or tall grass. These factors can eventually cause irritation which can lead to infection.

Inspect your dog regularly to prevent ear issues before they can develop into something requiring a vet’s care.

K9 Ear Infection Causes

Ear infections are common among Schnauzers, Poodles and other breeds that get professionally groomed. It’s important that the hair inside your dog’s ear canals does not get plucked out.

To avoid future medical problems, keep that protective hair in place as it prevents ear infections by defending against foreign materials.

Treatment for Dog Ears

For debris or dirt inside their ear flaps, use a damp cloth with mineral oil to wipe it away. This is a sensitiveĀ area so take your time. For our dogs, we use inexpensive but effective wipes which are moist and easy to use.

They’re made for pets and really help to dissolve wax build-up while also cleaning the area. You can do this duringĀ bathingĀ time.

Be gentle with your dog’s ears. Never put applicators such as cotton tipped buds, like Q-Tips, or swabs directly into a dog’s ear canals.

That tends to push the buildup, either debris or wax, further into the ear drum. Watch this very informative video!

Otherwise, if you stick to just cleaning the skin folds of the outer ear your dog should be just fine.

Ear Medicines for Canines

A discharge or a blockage or excessive wax accumulation means you should probably get professional help because they suggest bacterial or yeast infection.

This is why preventative care is important but ear drop medicines can treat several kinds of canine ear inflammation. Treatment should make direct contact with the infected area which is usually near the eardrum.

Vets have a technique where they massage the base of the ear. This spreads around the medicine. Restrain your dog to administer the ear medicine effectively and safely. You don’t want to tear the canal wall.

The Use of Antibiotics

At the vet, your dog may be prescribed anĀ antibiotic treatment for their infection. Brands for treating ear problems include Tresderm, Liquichlor, Gentocin Otic and Panolog.

Anytime your dog receives drugs there could be a negative reaction so observe them closely.

Conclusion on Ear Cleaning

You can and should clean your dog’s ears, if you know what you’re doing. Many pets don’t need frequent cleaning, but some type of routine is smart. If your dog has an ear infection, it’s best to get professional help. Otherwise, an over-the-counter canine-formulated Hydrocortisone solution may work.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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