Read This Before Using Human Ear Drops On Your Dog!

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Are you wondering if human ear drops are safe for dogs?

It’s a great question. Let’s get right to it…

Can I Give My Dog Ear Drops?First, there’s obviously a huge difference between routine cleaning of your dog’s ears and treatment for an infection.

Your vet should definitely be involved for the latter scenario. It’s likely that an antibiotic would be of benefit.

But whatever the issue, have your dog checked out to determine exactly what is wrong with their ear(s).

Never administer regular ear drops and simply hope for the best. Progression of a bacterial infection can cause serious complications.

Do Not Use Human Ear Drops On Your Dog

Prescription meds, and even some of the over-the-counter formulas, contain ingredients that could either be harmful or exacerbate the problem.

Are you going it alone because you can’t afford a vet’s services?

If so, an otic enzymatic solution designed for pets is a pretty safe option.

The above drops are an alternative to antibiotics. The product not only helps to reduce ear inflammation but also fights fungal, bacterial and yeast infections. 

But again, if you can…

Have Your Pet Dog Diagnosed

It’s really best to get a medical assessment. Otherwise, your dog’s ear problem could evolve into a worrisome situation.

Long term damage is possible.

The fact is dogs have sensitive ears.

Further, your buddy’s ear canals are anatomically different from your own. They tend to retain water or, in cases involving misuse of meds, potentially harmful chemicals.

The point is leftover ear drops, even if they don’t ultimately have a toxic effect, could be counterproductive or worse.

Antibiotics And Other Treatments

Whether it’s ear drops or another medication, you’ve got to avoid administering the wrong treatment.

Your dog may ultimately require an antibiotic, such as Ciprodex or Polysporin, which can only be truly safe and successful with your vet’s guidance.

Do not delay in asking for advice.

You never know! Your veterinarian may point you in the right direction by matching up symptoms with appropriate use of specialized ear drops for dogs. Then it’s just a matter of applying the medicine.

Interested in cleaning your dog’s ears?

Learn about routine preventative cleaning.

Need For Specialized Medications

Canines have large otic openings which makes them susceptible to invasions, irritation and infections.

Parasites are all to common and the same goes for fungal infections as well as mites.

Many of these conditions require specialized treatment. Human ear drop medicine often won’t even work on dogs for such scenarios.

The Bottom Line

Some human ear drop formulations can harm your dog.

The best course of action is to involve your veterinarian and, if necessary, get their prescription. Certain dog-friendly OTC products may also help.

Understand there are many different types of problems that dogs can have with their ears.

Play it safe and get the optimal, most effective ear drop treatment.

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One thought on “Read This Before Using Human Ear Drops On Your Dog!”

  1. My South African Mastiff got a yeast infection in his right ear. It was diagnosed by a vet. For more than a year we’ve tried every product prescribed. The vet himself treated the dog on numerous times. I also tried every natural remedy to no effect.

    I changed his diet to a more expensive food that claimed it help with allergies. Nothing happened. He is clapping his ears like mad for more than 12 months now. His ears constantly split and bleed as a result of it.

    I’m seriously considering human ear drops like “Aurone Forte” consisting of Phenazone, Benzocaine, and Chlorbutol (oil base). It helped me with itching ears.

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