Can I Give My Dog Claritin?

Can I Give My Dog Claritin?If you are wondering whether or not it is okay to give your dog a Claritin to stop their allergic reactions, it’s a good thing that you did your research before just popping them a pill.

Dogs are usually their happy-go-lucky selves, so it can be hard to watch when they are tripped up by something like sneezing, coughing, or wheezing, or other allergic reaction to whatever environment they are in. You probably feel a deep seated responsibility for making sure that they have a great life experience and they don’t suffer too much from common ailments like this. But even though it can be hard, it is probably not that hard on your dog. They probably just write it off as something that is happening to them, and they don’t put a lot of meaning behind it the way we do as humans. They don’t need a fix for every little thing that goes wrong with them, in most instances you can leave them alone, and nature will handle it in time.

However, your role as a responsible owner can be filled by you keeping an accurate record of how many instances you observe in which they are having problems. This will give you an objective idea of whether or not the problem is getting worse, or improving. This would give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions, and will help you determine when you need to call the vet.

Can I Give My Dog Claritin? Answer: Not Recommended

Claritin, also known as Loratadine, was originally available by prescription only. It was only recently approved to be sold over-the-counter to anyone without a prescription. This gives you an idea of how powerful it can be. It was not created for the canine species either so beware.

Mixing drugs between the species is typically not a good idea, and vets usually only give the nod when it is pretty close to an emergency situation. That’s why you shouldn’t give it to them without consulting your vet, because you don’t want to play doctor in this case.

Well-Meaning Owners

There are several owners out there that take a very soft stance on what they will give their dogs. While you may be tempted to treat your dog like a guinea pig, or a garbage disposal, not a good way to view them. They are pretty close to a sentient being, and they deserve respect and to be treated the best way possible. You wouldn’t want to take dog medication, would you? If the answer is no, then give your dog the respect it deserves by not giving them medication that wasn’t designed for their species.

Alternative Solutions to Claritin

The best way to deal with allergies is to remove what’s causing them. If your dog is spending a lot of time outside it can be hard to narrow down just exactly what is getting into their nose. The possibilities are too great. But if they spend most of their time indoors, it is a good idea to go around your home to see if there is anything that could potentially be causing the problem.

This is an all-natural way to solve their allergy situation and would prevent you from taking them to the vet, or trying to treat them yourself using people medicine. Claritin isn’t going to solve any real underlying problems for your dog.

If your dog is experiencing an allergy in the form of itchiness try getting a prescription for Apoquel from your vet.

When to Call a Vet

In most instances allergies are not life-threatening, but if you notice that your dog is wheezing or having trouble breathing, then it’s time to call your vet to see what you can do for them. In this sort of situation they might advise you to give them Claritin to give them immediate relief so you can bring them in for further treatment.

However, if you’ve noticed that your dog is just sneezing, or has chest congestion, or itchy, watery eyes, this is not really something that you should try to treat on your own, or try to treat with something as powerful as Claritin.

Of course in the and it is your dog, and you are the owner, so you need to decide for yourself what sort of stance you’re going to take on giving your dog OTC medication, and listening to individual owners talk about their one’s specific dog.

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Valisha September 9, 2012

My vet told me to give 1 Claritin in the morning and 1 at night. My dog weights about 65 pounds.


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