Can I Give My Dog Cheerios?

Can I Give My Dog Cheerios?Is Cheerios a treat that’s suitable for a pet dog? This popular cereal brand is generally thought of as harmless, even healthy, because it’s low in sugar and recommended by the American Heart Association.

The family dog may like the crunchiness of Cheerios but that means nothing. Giving your best buddy an entire bowl of this cereal isn’t recommend. Here we’ll get into the details and also recommend better alternatives for Fido.

Cheerios are mostly whole grain oats which isn’t a great feeding choice for dogs. Canines thrive on animal protein derived from meat. This cereal isn’t harmful, as a small snack, but strive to provide foods that are more beneficial.

Can I Give My Dog Cheerios? Answer: They’re harmless but not a great choice

You’d be feeding your pet pooch mostly filler and that’s best avoided.

Cheerios can sometimes be appropriate as a reward but limit the amount consumed. Giving this cereal over the long term is a bad idea. Your dog needs a level of calories each day and if much of that consumption is low-grade filler, they may not get the nutrients needed to thrive. Keep some healthy canine-formulated treats handy so that you don’t have to give your dog any Cheerios. That way they’ll get excellent nourishment instead of filler.

Unless your dog is gluten intolerant, Cheerios on occasion will not directly cause harm. It’s the long term that we are concerned with!

Meatios Would Be Better

While dogs are not obligate carnivores, the way cats are, it’s still important that they get the majority of their protein from animal sources. In the wild, dogs would prefer to hunt down prey. Under ideal circumstances their instinct wouldn’t be to eat Cheerios. Hunting in packs and eating other animals, for fresh meat, is natural which is why quality commercial dog food contains some type of meat as the first ingredient.

When you give your dog things like Cheerios, you are essentially introducing something totally new into the equation. It’s a mass produced, man-made food that uses processed ingredients which may contain preservatives and other additives. So while it may not be toxic for your dog, it’s definitely not the best way to nourish a canine.

Avoid what amounts to filler foods as much as possible because your goal shouldn’t be to simply fill up your dog’s stomach.

Cheerios Long Term

If you are only giving your dog a few Cheerios for training that should be fine. If your four-legged friend accidentally ate your bowl of Cheerios while you weren’t looking, they will be okay. But it’s an entirely different scenario if you are thinking of starting your dog’s mornings with a bowl of this cereal, with or without milk. Consider what will happen if you do this over a period of several months.

Will your dog be getting all they need to be happy and active? Can Cheerios help their body stay fit and lean? No, absolutely not! It basically amounts to worthless filler. Only you can ensure that your dog gets a quality diet. Give them things that enable good health as much as possible. Honestly, Cheerios just isn’t going to cut it.

Conclusion on Cheerios

While Cheerios aren’t toxic, there are much better rewards. If you do provide this cereal for good behavior then limit your dog’s consumption of it. Don’t make it a feeding habit because you have to think of the long term. Sure, this popular breakfast food is convenient but it’s mostly filler for your dog. Provide foods that are of more benefit nutritionally compared to Cheerios. Canines need meat protein in order to thrive. There are many excellent snacks made for dogs that are a far superior choice.

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