Can I Give My Dog Cefdinir?

Can I Give My Dog Cefdinir?Cefdinir, which is available in capsule and liquid form, is a top selling medicine for humans. The use of antibiotics, including for dogs, is more popular than ever and for good reason.

Dogs are living longer, partly because the spread of deadly bacteria is stopped by drugs like Cefdinir. While antibiotics are great for fighting and preventing infection, they come with risks for pets for reasons we’ll discuss.

With so many options and brands, it’s hard to know what’s best for your pet dog. Cefdinir can be given to canines but that’s definitely not all you need to know!

Can I Give My Dog Cefdinir? Answer: Yes, but consider better options

This antibiotic is typically used to treat human respiratory tract infections and isn’t favored by vets.

While Cefdinir could help your dog, it probably isn’t the best option. We’ve covered other antibiotics such as Bactrim, Cephalexin and Mobic but maybe you have some Cefdinir from a leftover prescription. Most types of antibiotics are fairly similar, with minor differences, and they can all be unsafe for dogs when misused. So Cefdinir, when dosed properly, likely isn’t any more dangerous for pets compared to other antibiotics. It’s just that professionals don’t seem think it’s the most effective choice.

Safe K9 Antibiotics

Confusion comes from the way drugs are marketed. For example, Omnicef was the brand name for Cefdinir but it was discontinued. It can be daunting when choosing a medicine.

Popular antibiotics for dogs are Cephalexin (mentioned earlier), Enrofloxacin (trade-name Baytril), Sulfadimethoxine (trade-names Di-Methox or Albon), Amoxycilin, Oxytetracycline (trade-name Liquamycin) and Tetracycline. Veterinarians are prescribing these for such things as urinary infections, nasty bites, ear infections, post surgery prevention, etc.

Antibiotic Usage Tip

If you provide a proper dose, Cefdinir included, then your dog normally won’t be harmed. It’s also very important to finish the prescribed dose which will reduce any antibiotic’s effectiveness. Even if your dog is fully recovered, you need to make sure they complete the treatment. Correct dosage, on a daily basis as well as total duration, is the key to recovery!

Cefdinir Side Effects

If you go with Cefdinir on your own, really not recommended, know the side effects that your dog could experience. Bad reactions range from mild symptoms to severe complications. Every dog is different so you won’t know the situation until it’s in their system.

Watch for vomiting, diarrhea, loss of balance, tiredness and poor appetite. Some of your dog’s symptoms won’t be as apparent. Monitor their behavior and mood for telltale changes. More serious Cefdinir signs include difficulty breathing, swelling or the development of rash or hives ie. skin irritation. Your dog could even be allergic to this drug, although this is rare.

If your dog is pregnant, it’s critical to consult with a vet before administering Cefdinir.

Concerning Cefdinir Cases

If you notice bad symptoms while your dog is taking Cefdinir, or any medicine for that matter, stop use of the drug and head to the vet. While we all have good intentions, sometimes we make matters worse.

A common problem associated with taking Cefdinir, also known as Cefzon, is upset stomach. In this situation, a bland diet like chicken with rice is best for your dog. Withhold regular meals for a few days. In serious cases, the use of hydrogen peroxide may be used to induce vomiting if your dog got too high a dose. Treatment for an overdose needs to be done early on, prior to absorption.

Conclusion on Cefdinir

Cefdinir isn’t the first choice for most vets and they’ll likely recommend a different antibiotic. In any case, only administer Cefdinir when it’s been cleared by a veterinarian. As with all antibiotics, the proper dose and treatment plan is based on your dog’s particular situation. Whatever the reason you are considering the use of Cefdinir, follow the advice of a professional. You’ll have piece of mind that your dog will have the best shot at living a happier and healthier life.

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