Can I Give My Dog Brussels Sprouts?

Can I Give My Dog Brussels Sprouts?There are many benefits to eating Brussels sprouts and you’ll be happy to know that your dog can partake. They are safe for animals.

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While many people don’t enjoy eating this vegetable, dogs usually are happy to chow down. Fido can enjoy Brussels sprouts portions.

Feeding your dog fresh Brussels sprouts, in moderation, actually makes a lot of sense. They contain antioxidants and powerful nutrients.

Can I Give My Dog Brussels Sprouts? Answer: Yes, absolutely!

This is a very healthy food and it’s okay to share with a furry friend when fed in reasonable amounts.

Despite your dog’s carnivorous nature, Brussels sprouts are an excellent choice. Just understand that this veggie will likely also make them a bit gassy. Increased flatulence is the most obvious doggie downside to providing Brussels sprouts.

In general, feeding this cruciferous veggie to your beloved dog is a great idea.

Boost Your Buddy’s Health

Assuming your dog likes the taste of Brussels sprouts, eating them will be beneficial in numerous ways. They strengthen bones and reduce inflammation due to the natural antioxidant properties.

Brussels sprouts may be particularly advantageous for older canines because they often suffer from joint issues, including the common condition known as arthritis.

Cook Sprouts for Canines

Lightly boil your plain Brussels sprouts to ensure that your dog receives the most nutrition as possible from consuming them. Do not add seasonings. Nothing fancy is your best bet!

This probably doesn’t seem appealing to your taste buds but your dog will hopefully appreciate it. There’s no need for roasting, sauteing nor added salt and pepper either.

Leftover Brussels Sprouts

Leftovers, in the form of Brussels sprouts, are quite common. Just think of Thanksgiving! Many folks don’t enjoy this food and it gets passed over.

Rest assured, you can feed them to your dog but just go easy. You don’t yet know if they will sit well with Fido’s digestion system. Too much may cause a bout of diarrhea.

Valuable Vitamins & More

Brussels sprouts contain plenty of vitamin K as well as vitamin B and vitamin C, not to mention dietary fiber. Folate and manganese are also in abundance. Your dog can certainly benefit from these attributes.

But what really makes Brussels sprouts special is the compound known as Sulforaphane. This is also found in many other cruciferous vegetables and the same is true for Indole-3-carbinol too.

A Cancer Prevention Food

As a result, at least in theory, feeding Brussels sprouts to your pet dog will help keep free radicals at bay. These tend to attack the body in all sorts of negative ways.

Research suggests cancer prevention may be possible with Brussels sprouts consumption and similar veggies such as cabbage. There’s no reason to believe this can’t apply to dogs as well.

At the very least, your dog will benefit from the vitamins and minerals in those sprouts.

Conclusion on Brussels Sprouts

You can give plain, fresh Brussels sprouts to your dog. They are safe but also nutritious. This is a healthy veggie for a dog. Lightly cooked Brussels sprouts are beneficial. Control portions to avoid affecting the dog’s bowel movements. Increased gas is another reason for moderation.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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