Can I Give My Dog Broccoli?

Can I Give My Dog Broccoli?We all know that Broccoli offers many important vitamins and nutrients. You may want to share some with the family dog, but is it suitable for them to be eating? Perhaps this healthy veggie can be part of a well-balanced canine diet!

As you probably know dogs don’t actually need green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli, nearly as much us humans do. That isn’t to say that feeding some is a bad thing. At least in theory, your pooch can also receive the nutrition and health benefits.

So while this excellent edible plant isn’t required eating, you can allow your dog to chow down on a bit of fresh broccoli. It isn’t poisonous, though gastrointestinal symptoms are possible. There are other factors to consider which we’ll discuss.

Can I Give My Dog Some Broccoli? Answer: Yes

Feeding some is suitable, even healthy, when given in moderation. Serve broccoli plain, either cooked or raw.

This cruciferous vegetable is a great source of fiber and vitamin C, to name a few, for dogs. Broccoli is also low in calories and fat which is very desirable for additions to your dog’s regular chow. Poisoning is only possible if a large amount is consumed due to the presence of Isothiocyanate. Other than that, there are many aspects to this green veggie which are appealing health-wise. It’s certainly understandable to want to share broccoli with your pet pooch.

Dog food companies are starting to incorporate broccoli into their recipes. For example, there’s a fantastic broccoli-flavored wet food with beef and brown rice. For a healthy treat, consider getting a 100% natural dog treat containing chicken liver, sweet potato and broccoli.

Plenty of Potential Benefits

Owners give broccoli, or kale, to their dogs and for good reason. Fido could benefit from the high levels of cancer fighting antioxidants as well as the anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory agents. Broccoli, the famous flowering green super plant, is also said to offer protection against harmful bacteria and viruses while boosting the immune system. Broccoli may even repair DNA in the cells which indicates anti-aging properties. Often overlooked, it can also naturally help to clean their teeth!

No doubt it’s healthy and probably on the same level as carrots.

One Downside to Broccoli

The head of broccoli contains an potentially toxic ingredient called Isothiocyanate which can be a gastric irritant for dogs. That’s the main reason why you should limit consumption of this vegetable. The stems are likely the safest part for dogs since only the top flowery head contains that harmful chemical. So be on the lookout for gastrointestinal problems as a result of your dog eating too much broccoli.

Too Much of a Good Thing

The wonderful properties of fresh broccoli appear be highly beneficial for any living thing consuming it. Studies indicate this veggie may reduce the chances of your dog developing many common health problems. On the other hand, more dogs have probably gotten sick from eating too much broccoli than have been helped by it. You know how canines overindulge which is why rationing portions is important.

Realize Ration Reasoning

Your dog’s size is a primary factor for determining just how much broccoli you should provide. In general, a single piece is probably conservative and appropriate. But the smaller your dog is, the more realistic you should be about rationing. A broccoli portion probably shouldn’t exceed 5 to 10% of your dog’s food intake, since more may cause stomach and bowel irregularity.

Getting a broccoli-flavored wet food tray makes it easier to incorporate this veggie consistently and with the right balance.

Conclusion on Broccoli

Broccoli is a very healthy bioflavonoid which can potentially benefit your dog, but it’s important to limit consumption. You want to avoid bowel irregularity while making sufficient room for a diet based on meat protein. Also consider that this vegetable’s stems may be better suited for dogs rather than the head portion due to the presence of Isothiocyanate. Broccoli, overall, is a human food that’s generally safe and beneficial for pets when given in moderation.

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