Can I Give My Dog Bengay?

Can I Give My Dog Bengay?Bengay is a analgesic heat rub for muscle pain. The product reduces discomfort from bruises, sprains, backaches and even arthritis. Is it safe for dogs?

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Since this topical cream is available over-the-counter, it’s assumed harmless for dogs. That’s generally true but there’s an strong active ingredient in Bengay. Learn more.

Applying Bengay on a dog is more dangerous compared to routine human use. You may want to consider better alternatives that are designed specifically for pets.

Can I Use Bengay on My Dog? Answer: Yes, but consider other options

There’s a moderate level of risk due to the¬†methyl salicylate it contains.

Your dog may want to lick at the applied gel which is not okay. We also don’t recommend Bengay for smallish breeds or puppies. This is due to a potential for increased absorption concentration.

A conservative amount of Bengay is unlikely to cause a dog to have complications.

A Few Better Alternatives

Consider safer options for a pet’s aches and pains. There’s a great pain relief cream made for dogs that’s used externally, like Bengay. Another is a highly recommended dog healing balm for snout and paws.

Pain is frustrating and all too common problem for dogs. More serious and persistent cases could warrant a vet consultation, diagnosis and a Rimadyl prescription.

Bengay for Dogs Tips

If you plan to use Ben-Gay, for whatever reason, avoid using any product containing the words, “Ultra Strength”. Those contain higher levels of an active ingredient called¬†methyl salicylate.

It’s preferable to use Vanishing Scent Bengay or their Pain Relief & Massage Gel¬†but don’t forget that your dog cannot be licking at it.

Actually, there’s a good chance your canine won’t like it anyway. Check out this video.

Never Combine Products

A possibility of your dog being poisoned will increase if you combine different brands containing certain ingredients. Don’t overlook this.

When applying Bengay on a dog’s body, never provide¬†aspirin or Pepto or other NSAIDs. They may contain¬†salicylate. You shouldn’t even combine other creams! This is especially true for smaller dogs.

Chemical reactions will be more potent. Sometimes a simple application of a warm hot water bottle, or a well-placed heat pad can do the trick.

Symptoms to Watch For

It’s unlikely that your dog will have a bad reaction to Bengay. Just follow common sense guidelines and watch for gastrointestinal changes. When most dogs are sick their appetite is likely to suffer.

Keep Fido well-hydrated at all times.¬†If you’re here because a pet consumed a lot of Bengay, get some help immediately. Get professional assistance if your dog is in trouble.

Regarding Similar Medicines

Muscle pain, for human and dogs alike, is prevalent. As such, there are many competing products. Anything with a high concentration of methyl salicylate tends to increase risks for dogs.

Tiger Balm is preferable to others. But again, an analgesic developed for animals is a better option than any OTC medicine at your supermarket.

Conclusion on Bengay

Bengay, when precautions are taken, doesn’t have to be harmful for dogs. Know the risks associated with¬†methyl salicylate. Interaction among similar medicines is also a concern. Never let a dog lick or consume Bengay. It’s mildly toxic. Bengay shouldn’t be your first choice. Treat your dog’s pain with a safer alternative.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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