Can I Give My Dog A Banana?

Can I Give My Dog Banana?The Banana is a popular fruit that’s highly nutritious. They’re available all year round as a healthy snack. As often as you may eat a banana, and with so many possibilities for delicious recipes, you may wonder about giving an occasional banana to your dog.

If you question sharing this type of fruit, then you’re a conscientious dog owner. After all, food poisoning is at an all-time high for dogs. People have developed habits of sharing their foods, including fruits, with their dogs without knowing all the risks.

In fact, there are many fruits and vegetables which are potentially toxic for dogs or at least somewhat risky. As for a banana, well, here’s the answer.

Can I Give My Dog a Banana? Answer: Yes

You can give your pet dog bananas but you should do so in moderation.

Bananas are a fruit that can be beneficial to your pet. The high levels of vitamin B, vitamin C, fiber and potassium may provide some of what your dog may lack in their regular meals. Of course, a banana cannot replace what your dog really needs which is a high quality meat-based canine-formulated diet.

So yes, fresh banana can be given to your dog as a treat or a snack. Give them amounts that are appropriate for the dog’s size and weight. Typically, large to medium size dog breeds can be given half a banana a few times per week. Smaller breeds should only eat a few small pieces. These estimates are fairly conservative.

Alternatively, a banana-flavored doggie treat could do the trick while you enjoy the actual fruit for yourself.

Negative Side of Bananas

As with humans, too much banana in a dog’s diet can cause constipation. If your dog is prone to this problem, it’s unwise to add banana to their diet. The potassium found in a banana, while very healthy, isn’t tolerated as well by dogs when given in large amounts.

Excessive potassium, or Hyperkalemia, can lead to heart problems in canines. That’s why you should only offer this fruit to your dog sparingly. Feeding dogs large amounts of any fruits can affect their digestive tracts and cause stomach problems. Bananas in moderation!

Your Dog & Fruits

Fruits carry high levels of vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body. The banana in particular is considered to be one of the most nutritious of these fruits. It’s beneficial not only to people but to animals as well.

Some vets recommend feeding ripe bananas to dogs with colitis (inflammation of the colon) and even to those prone to other bowel problems. The enzymes within can soothe irritations in the intestines. Some spasms of the colon may also be better controlled by including ripened banana in your dog’s diet. Check with your vet.

Bananas as Treats

Small pieces of banana make great treats for dogs. It’s best to use as a reward for your pets. But you shouldn’t rely on fruits as the main source of nutrition for your dog. This food group simply can’t provide the nutritional requirements for a dog. Further, something that’s processed like banana chips aren’t recommended as a treat because of the added preservatives.

Healthy Dog Food Tips

Avoid feeding your pet dog table scraps. People food often contains preservatives and high levels of unhealthy fats. These components are very harmful for dogs in general. Most human foods cannot provide dogs with what they really require. Try to give your dog proper nutrition throughout their lives. Their immune system will depend on this foundation which will make them more resistant to diseases and other ailments so they can reach their senior years in good condition.

The best thing you can do is get them high quality dog food. They’ll go bananas for it! Check the label to see if it offers truly balanced nutrition.

Conclusion on Bananas

Bananas, which are high in fiber and vitamins, can make for healthy treats and snacks for dogs. Your vet may even recommend banana for digestive health. In any case, it’s best to give this fruit in moderation. Be aware of its adverse effects when consumed in high amounts so that you can regulate the portions given to your pet. Too many bananas may cause problems.

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Joan July, 2015

Dogs do not need meat to be healthy. There was a dog that lived to be 27 on a vegan diet. You never hear that with meat eating dogs. You do need to do research though, because there are some fruits and veggies dogs are not supposed to have.

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Darion July, 2015

Dogs are carnivores which means they need meat in order to be healthy. You can’t make your dog a vegan because you heard one story about a dog living to be 27. Dogs need meat in order to get the correct nutrients. If you are forcing your dog to be a vegan that is animal abuse.

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Daniel August, 2015

Darion, this is a common misconception, but it is not true. There are now many vegan dog kibbles that provide all the essential nutrients above and beyond AAFCO standards. You may want to do some research on V-Dog or Natural Balance Vegetarian formula which are both vegan and vet-certified. Feeding one’s dog a nutritionally complete vegan diet is by no means abuse.

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Rebecca June, 2015

My Staffy cross goes nuts for bananas! He loves them and wants one as soon as I bring some home from the shops. Yesterday my mum dropped a banana on the floor and she luckily got it before he did. When I eat a banana he always sits in front of me begging for a piece.

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Beth March, 2015

Ever since reading this, my puppy loves to have her banana and hasn’t experienced any problems at all!

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Kit March, 2015

I have been feeding our Corgi some banana for a couple of days as a suggested supplement to combat his coprophagia habit. I probably overdosed him a bit and he’s had loose stools overnight which are slowly improving. I started him out with about half a banana per day, taking a break for a day or two, then trying a couple of slices with each meal. Other than his loose bowels, he is displaying normal behavior otherwise.

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Jean November, 2015

Kit, I have a Corgi with a coprophagia habit as well. When you say yours is now displaying normal behavior, do you mean the banana stopped him eating poop? I’ve just started giving my dog a couple slices of banana with his breakfast; no loose stools or constipation noted, but he’s still interested in eating everyone’s stools at the dog park. I pick up after him immediately, so he can’t eat his own anymore. I’d be interested in hearing what success, or otherwise, you have had with banana as a deterrent.

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Sue March, 2015

My 3 year old Shih Tzu looks at the fruit basket every morning and whines for his banana. I’ve given him one every day for the last couple of months. He hasn’t shown any digestive issues. I hope it’s okay because he really enjoys one for breakfast!

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