Can I Give My Dog A Banana?

Can I Give My Dog Banana?Bananas obviously make for a very healthy snack. This nutritious fruit is so popular, it’s no wonder pet parents inquire about sharing with the family dog. Good idea?

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Conscientious canine lovers will be happy to know that wholesome bananas are not harmful. This favorite food is actually a wonderful choice, and for active dogs in particular.

So nourishing is the banana that dog treats increasingly incorporate them. Some fruits are all wrong for furry friends, but not this one! Just be sure to limit a pet’s portions.

Can I Give My Dog a Banana? Answer: Yes

Share but do so in moderation.

Bananas are beneficial for dogs. It’s a healthy treat but, obviously, remove the peel. The vitamin C and B, fiber and potassium are desirable for your dog too. He/she will enjoy a banana even more if it’s unexpected. It should be! Banana is fairly high in carbs and calories. Limit this fantastic fruit to snack status.

Speaking of snacks, there’s an excellent dog treat made with real bananas – no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives!

Bountiful Banana Benefits

Fruits, in general, contain many valuable vitamins and minerals. Sweet tasting banana is one of the most nutritious. Low in sodium, yet high in antioxidants, your dog’s skin and coat will benefit.

The ascorbate will help fortify Fido’s immune system, while the soluble carbs boosts energy levels. There’s no doubt the banana is healthy for dogs. Just control portions.

Upgrade Doggie Digestion

Feeding ripe bananas to a dog with colitis (inflammation of the colon) or other bowel problems may improve their condition. The natural enzymes tend to soothe intestine irritation.

So, spasms of the canine colon respond to ripened banana. On the other hand, giving too much to your dog could have the opposite effect. Responsibility ration for rover!

Please Don’t Go Bananas

Share modest amounts based on your dog’s weight. Large to medium-sized breeds can be given half a banana each day. You can’t crowd out regular meals. Carbohydrates count for canines too.

As such, smaller breeds should only eat a few small pieces of banana. This recommendation is conservative so make adjustments as appropriate. Of course, active dogs can burn more calories.

Potassium & Pet Portions

The potassium in bananas, while healthy, may not be well tolerated by your dog in large amounts. Excessive potassium, or Hyperkalemia, can lead to heart problems.

While feeding a banana may help with digestion, too much of any fruit may upset your dog’s bowels. Again, all factors point to bananas in moderation.

Bodacious Banana Treats

By all means, utilize bananas as a nutritious reward. Just avoid feeding your dog processed banana chips and any products with preservatives. How about a pancake recipe!

Provide your pet with natural foods, including banana, instead of recipes containing potentially harmful chemicals and other unknowns.

Consider that bananas often go with raisins and nuts. These are downright dangerous for dogs! Get a quality banana and peanut butter treat for convenience.

Conclusion on Banana

Pure bananas are a healthy treat for your dog and can even improve doggie digestion. You still need to limit pet portions due to calories, carbs and other considerations. Also, eliminate a choking potential by removing the peel. In small amounts, the banana is a fantastic reward for dogs.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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