Can I Give My Dog a Bagel?

Can I Give My Dog a Bagel?Bagel begging is a bad feeding habit. Nevertheless, your dog may watch you eat one most mornings. It’s a common scenario so how bad is this human food for a furry friend?

Obviously there’s a big difference between eating part of a bagel and your dog somehow getting into an entire bag. The good news is they’ll likely be fine. But it’s best not to purposely give your pet pooch this type of food.

Some, like the “everything bagel”, contain herbs and spices while others even have cheese. These kinds are worse than a regular plain bagel but all types aren’t a desirable canine treat for several reasons.

Can I Give My Dog a Bagel? Answer: Not Recommended

A plain bagel is similar to giving bread which also isn’t recommended.

Of course, you won’t be putting your pet dog in danger by giving them part of your bagel. That said, providing too much can cause what’s known as food bloat in rare situations. In any case, leftover bagels will not benefit your dog in any way. On the contrary, they’ll likely gain weight and it could end up becoming a bad feeding habit.

Why Bagels are Bad

There’s nothing good about feeding bagels to a dog. They’re loaded with gluten and they lack protein which is what your pet really needs. If your dog can’t consume gluten without having digestive problems, this alone is a good reason not to consider giving a bagel to them.

Further, most bagels come with a layer of toppings on the outside. These can range from onion bits, to garlic, to poppy seeds, or the granddaddy of them all the Everything bagel. There are also bagels with items baked into them, like raisin bagels which can be very dangerous! These flavorings, which may make our mouths water, are not something a dog should be eating. Not to mention, feeding this food can create a bad eating habit for Fido.

About that Cream Cheese

Many people load their bagels up with cream cheese and other spreads. The additional toppings make them even worse for a dog. It could actually complicate a healthy canine diet. Adding butter, cream cheese or jelly to your bagel are also all bad ideas. If you do decide to feed something like this to your dog, it should be just a taste. Make it a rare exception, not the rule.

Dogs & Human Foods

It’s generally not a good idea to give your dog people foods. The main reason that most of our food should be off limits is due to the processing involved. There are certain fruits, vegetables, and especially meats that dogs are able to handle without a problem. Since dogs evolved from predators they require a mostly carnivorous diet. Think about it, they wouldn’t normally stumble upon a bagel nor would they require it.

The truth is that bagels just serve to fill the stomach. Dogs don’t have any business eating doughy bagels especially on regular basis. Instead, freeze your leftovers and save them for another day instead of feeding them to your four-legged friend.

Meat Not Dough

Provide meat-based foods for your canine instead of bread based fillers. Buy quality dog food and make sure that the number one ingredient is an animal-based protein. Also, stick to a feeding regimen so that your dog knows when it’s time to eat.

Have treats handy so that you can reward them for not begging. Good behavior deserves doggy-formulated treats instead of something like a fattening bagel. Fill their eager stomachs but at the same time provide valuable vitamins and nutrients. This will help to ensure a long lasting and healthy dog which bagels cannot do.

Conclusion on Bagels

No, you shouldn’t give your dog any bagels. There’s nothing in them that’s healthy and so there’s no valid reason to feed it. This goes for the plain variety and especially those with seasonings or other toppings. Give your dog a more appropriate treat than a doughy filler with high calories!

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