Can I Give My Dog Bacon?

Can I Give My Dog Bacon?Bacon is a common food especially as a part of breakfast. It’s delicious but also widely known to be unhealthy. Just the smell of bacon can make your dog’s mouth water. They’ll recognize the enticing aroma of pork strips even before the frying begins!

So what to do when your dog starts begging for bacon? There’s a debate as to whether any people foods should be given to dogs. At the very least, anything new given to a dog should be closely scrutinized. We’ll do that here with bacon to get your answer.

Rich and fatty food groups are generally harmful for dogs. Canine pancreatitis can develop from eating too much bacon. So just because your dog loves the taste and smell of crispy bacon, that doesn’t mean they should be eating it.

Can I Give My Dog Bacon? Answer: No

You shouldn’t give bacon to your dogs. It’s very bad for long term health and you want your dog around for many years.

It can be hard to say no to a dog especially when they give you certain puppy dog looks. Be strong and don’t provide them with bacon. Even giving it only occasionally just isn’t worth it. Alternatively, you could try out some healthy bacon-flavored dog treats.

Eating rich and fatty foods, such as bacon, can cause inflammation of your dog’s pancreas. This organ is located behind the stomach and is responsible for releasing digestive enzymes so the body can properly absorb and digest food. When this important gland becomes inflamed, it ceases to function efficiently.

Dogs at Risk of Pancreatitis

All dog breeds are prone to pancreatitis from such a poor diet. Since signs of pancreatic problems cannot usually be distinguished from the symptoms of other ailments, this can easily go unnoticed. That is, until your pet dog becomes very sick. Small breeds and energetic dogs are especially susceptible to this disease. That includes Cocker Spaniels, Poodles and Terrier dogs. If you have a larger breed like a German Shepherd or Great Dane, even these types of canines can be affected by a serious case of pancreatitis.

Too much salt content, in any food, can cause other problems like bloating and twisting of the intestines. Such symptoms can then lead to more serious conditions or even death. Feeding your dog bacon just isn’t worth it.

Signs of Pancreatitis

Early indications of pancreatitis may include vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Many of the typical symptoms are similar to those found in other conditions like food poisoning or a drug overdose. Therefore, it’s difficult to trace some of these signs to your dog having pancreas problems.

Your vet may need to perform blood work in order to accurately diagnose the type of ailment affecting your dog. In any case, having a policy of never feeding them bacon will help to put your mind at ease.

Bacon Grease is Terrible

Bacon grease is even worse than bacon itself. All the unhealthy fats are present in the grease in a more concentrated form. This can clog your dog’s arteries. Too much greasy oil in any food is very bad for the heart. Your dogs will love the taste of bacon grease, but they don’t know what’s good for them. Only a good dog owner will withhold bacon and its grease for a special canine friend.

Raw & Cooked Bacon

Bacon isn’t good for your dog, whether raw or cooked, period! Feeding raw bacon can result in diarrhea. There could even be parasites, worms and bacteria present in the meat. The curing procedure for preparing it involves a nasty chemical process and the preservatives can lead to kidney, liver, and heart damage. If you insist on occasionally giving your dogs some bacon then purchase a type that’s lean, unsalted and cook it in virgin olive oil.

Conclusion on Bacon

Instead of bacon, feed your dog nutritious food with low filler ingredients. This usually can’t be found in people foods. Find a high quality brand of dog food that offers the right balance. Never give in to your dogs when they start begging for bacon strips. It’s because you love your dogs that you’ll refuse them foods that can lead to poor long term health.

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Richard February 17, 2015

Is turkey bacon just as bad?

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James February 25, 2015

Richard, it’s probably not as bad. Turkey is generally more healthy than pork.

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Chris February 6, 2015

I know what they say all things in moderation but I can’t imagine that giving your dog a strip of bacon once a month could really have any negative effect. Honestly I’m more concerned with the junk they put in cheap dog food which, in many instances, is actually not good for your dog at all compared to a few strips of bacon.

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Tai February 23, 2015

Just like fatty foods do not seem bad when immediately consumed by humans, unless we have been eating very healthy, it’s the same for animals. This is even more so the smaller they are. I allowed my friend to give bacon to my small 10 pound dog because I didn’t know it was harmful. Within hours, she went from a boisterous dog to a listless one. I was told by a vet that even just one time consumption of this food can have devastating long-term pancreas problems. If you love your dog, you just won’t risk it!

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Linda January 8, 2015

My dog is a 20 pound Bichon. I give him bacon-flavored treats frequently. Is this different than giving him regular bacon? Should I stop with the bacon treats that are made for dogs?

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James January 8, 2015

Hi Linda. This article is intended to caution people about regularly giving real bacon to their dogs. There are many kinds of safe and harmless bacon flavored dog treats which should be fine.

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Joe January 5, 2015

It’s funny how you decide what’s best for your dog. You assume your dog wants to live a longer life rather a happier life. And why would that be true? Would you rather have a lifetime living with a terrible disease leaving you in chronic pain or live only a few, but happy, years?

Of course a dog’s happiness isn’t entirely dependent on food but you can see it’s something they really enjoy. You should ask yourself what your dog really wants; many years without the joy of food or maybe a few less with the joy of food. It just bothers me that some people think they know what’s best for their pet when they, in fact, haven’t given it much thought. I assume, and correct me if I’m wrong, most of you immediately assume that a longer life equals a better life.

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Abe February 26, 2015

You say “Would you rather have a lifetime living with a terrible disease leaving you in chronic pain or live only a few, but happy, years?”

It’s like you think the only bad effect of something like bacon is taking some years off their life, like, they’ll still have a nice peaceful natural death, just a few years earlier. This is so wrong it almost makes me cry. Giving them bacon is what will give them terrible diseases and chronic pain! If you feed them badly, they won’t have a long painful life, or a short happy one, they will have a short, painful one.

Please think about whether you should own a pet if you think it’s okay to ruin it’s life. Looking after a pet is a responsibility, and it’s your job to keep it both happy and healthy. Trust me when I tell you, if a pet dies early, it’s from a very painful disease. It’s not simply taking a few years off it’s life, it’s making it’s short life a torturous one full of chronic pain.

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Anthony December 14, 2014

I gave my dog some bacon, the small ones in little pieces, because she wouldn’t eat her regular food. She seems fine. Is she going to be fine? She’s a 10 pound Bichon and Poodle mix.

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