Can I Give My Dog Bacon?

Can I Give My Dog Bacon?Bacon is always included in the basic food supplies in every household. It’s delicious, and just the smell of bacon can make your mouth water. For sure, your dog can smell its enticing aroma when you start frying too. But should you give in when your dog starts begging for some bacon strips?

There’s an ongoing debate as to whether people food should be given to dogs. There are several factors to consider, like the nutritional value of human food and its ingredients as well. Before giving any type of people food to dogs, you should find out if it is indeed safe for them.

Most dogs will surely love the taste and smell of bacon. And it can be hard to say no to your favorite pet especially when they give you the puppy eye look. But no, you shouldn’t give bacon to your dogs because it’s simply bad for their health. Rich and fatty food groups are really dangerous to dogs. One of the diseases that can develop from eating this type of food is pancreatitis.

Can I Give My Dog Bacon? Answer: No

The pancreas gland is located just behind the stomach, and when a dog constantly eats rich and fatty food, this can cause inflammation of said gland. The pancreas is responsible for releasing digestive enzymes in the stomach so that the body can properly absorb and digest the food that is taken in. And when this gland becomes inflamed, it ceases to function efficiently.

Dogs at Risk of Pancreatitis
All breeds of dogs are prone to pancreatitis when constantly being fed with rich and fatty food. And because the signs of pancreatitis cannot be easily distinguished from the symptoms of other ailments, this can go unnoticed. That is, until your pet dog becomes very sick.

The small breed and energetic types of dogs are more prone to this disease, and that includes Cocker Spaniels, Toy Poodles, and the Terrier breed of dogs. But you shouldn’t be too confident if you own large breeds of dogs like German Shepherd and Great Dane, as even these breeds of dogs can be affected by pancreatitis too.

In fact, too much salt content in any food can cause other serious ailments like bloating and twisting of the intestines, and these situations can lead to death.

Signs that your Dog has Pancreatitis
Early signs of pancreatitis include vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. However, these symptoms are also commonly observed in other conditions like poisoning and drug overdose.

That’s why it’s really hard to trace if these signs point to having pancreatitis in dogs. Your vet may need to do some blood works on your pet in order to know for sure the type of ailment that’s affecting your dog.

Should You Give Your Dog Bacon Grease?
Bacon grease is just as bad as the bacon itself. All the fats are present on the grease, and this can clog your dog’s arteries and veins. Just like in people, too much oil in the food is bad for the heart.

There’s no doubt about it that your dogs will love the taste of bacon grease, but they don’t know that it’s bad for their health. As a responsible dog owner, you should know this, and not give your canine friend the grease. There are other healthier alternatives, and you can get dog treats that are bacon-flavored instead.

Raw and Cooked Bacon
Bacon is not good for your dog, whether raw or cooked, period! Feeding raw bacon can lead to diarrhea and there could even be parasites, worms, and bacteria present on the meat itself. The curing procedure of preparing bacon also involves a chemical process and these preservatives can lead to kidney, liver, and heart damage.

The only type of bacon that’s quite safe for dogs are those that are lean, unsalted, and cooked in olive oil.

The Right Diet for your Dog
You should only feed your dog balanced and nutritious food, and this can’t be found in people food. The best thing that you can do is to get a high quality dog food that offers proper nourishment for your pet.

No matter how much you love your dogs, you shouldn’t give in when they start begging for bacon strips. In fact, it’s because you love your dogs that you should refuse giving them food stuff that can cause them to get sick.

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Terence March 9, 2014

Fulminant necrotizing pancreatitis is an acute, extremely severe, usually fatal form of pancreatitis. In hours, your dog will go into shock. Dogs may vomit or simply show signs of severe abdominal pain. If you suspect this problem, get your dog to the veterinarian immediately.


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