Can I Give My Dog Avocado?

Can I Give My Dog Avocados?People love the taste of avocado and so sharing some with the family dog is a surprisingly common question. Obviously this fruit is very healthy but, as a pet parent, you must weigh all the factors before Fido’s feeding time.

The ASPCA states that the avocado can be toxic for animals, horses in particular, but it is safe to say that dogs can partake in small amounts. There are, however, some important pitfalls to avoid when serving this fabulous but fatty fruit to a furry friend.

First off, dogs have digestive systems that tend to not process most types of plant-based foods as well as humans can. So it’s entirely possible that feeding an avocado or two can cause doggie diarrhea or an upset stomach. But probably the most dangerous aspect to this fruit is the pit!

Can I Give My Dog Avocado? Answer: Yes, small portions & remove the pit

Concerns surrounding this fruit are well-founded because it is, in fact, toxic to some animals.

The good news is that avocados are much better tolerated by dogs than horses. Keep in mind though that pure avocado is high in fat and contains a toxin called persin which can be harmful for dogs in large amounts. It is generally agreed that this fruit’s healthy aspects are more in-line with what humans require in their diet.

That said, a well-regarded company named Avoderm has high quality dog food products that incorporate omega-rich avocados which are very healthy for the skin and coat!

Persin Pit & Peel Pitfalls

The avocado does not have to be dangerous when it comes to your pet’s safety. Just understand the pit can be harmful for two important reasons. Any pitted fruit, avocado included, should be prepared by removing any large seeds due to the possibility of a choking hazard. You do not want your dog to have this lodged in their throat! Such an obstruction is entirely avoidable.

The other key reason to remove the avocado’s pit is because it is the source of an oil-soluble compound known as Persin. This is the origin for avocado toxicity and why you may have heard about this fruit being harmful for pets. Just to be safe, also remove the peel or skin prior to serving.

Translation: If you want to share some avocado then be sure to properly prepare it and serve small portions.

Fido and the Fatty Fruits

Another reason to limit the sharing of avocado with your dog is because it contains high levels of fat. Much like olives as well as soybeans, avocados are fatty although it’s a healthy kind of fat. Nonetheless, too much guacamole can certainly make your dog gain unwanted weight. So, regularly providing your best buddy with too much of this fruit is a bad idea.

Listening to Others

Pet owners are notorious for giving out free advice, but their information usually comes from a very limited perspective. So the internet is full of scary rumors concerning avocados, ice cubes and many other things that may or may not actually be harmful for your pet dog.

Sometimes a veterinarian will jump online, to try to clear things up, which is great. In any case, we hope that we’ve cleared up the confusion about sharing an avocado with your dog.

Conclusion on Avocado

You can feed a bit of avocado to your dog despite what you may have heard. The toxicity of this fruit comes from its persin, but this affects horses and birds much more than it does dogs. Just be sure to prepare avocado by removing the seed and skin. Be mindful that it’s very fatty and may pack on the pounds, so sharing only small portions is smart. First, find out if your dog’s digestive system actually agrees with avocados.

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