Can I Give My Dog Asparagus?

Can I Give My Dog Asparagus?Everyone knows that asparagus is one of nature’s healthiest vegetables, so how about feeding some to the family dog? Could canines use the nutrients or is it a bad idea to share?

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A downside to giving your dog asparagus is the likelihood of odors – gas or smelly urine. Weigh that against this veggie’s ability to reduce inflammation and arthritic joint pain.

Asparagus is a superfood and Fido can receive the powerful perks too. The catch is thatĀ dogs aren’t so well equipped to eat lots greens, but there’s nothing wrong with sharing in moderation.

Can I Give My Dog Some Asparagus? Answer: Yes

There’s no harm in providing pets with small portions, but you may not approve of the smell afterwards.

It’s possible that asparagus won’t agree with your dog’s stomach. Such reactions are rare, though smelly diarrhea is a possibility. It isn’t necessary to include asparagus in a typical canine diet. Nevertheless, you can offer your dog this wonderful vegetable.

A practical way to incorporate this health food is with a quality dog treat that contains asparagus among several other very nutritiousĀ greens.

Asparagus Fern is Toxic

The veggie itself is fine but there is some confusion. You see, there are several types of asparagus plants which are dangerous according to the ASPCA. Just don’t let your dog play near asparagus ferns.

The specific toxins are called Sapogenins and they can cause gastric upset if ingested. Never fear since asparagus stalks are in no way poisonous for dogs.

Best Way to Prepare It

Make asparagus easier on doggie digestion by cutting the stalks up into small pieces. Serve your best buddy’s small portion plain, without any other ingredients. Avoid garlic and butter.

You can give your dog fresh cut-up stalks (raw) or serve them lightly cooked (in boiling water or steamed). Most of the nutrients will be lost if you are feeding well done asparagus.

Much like spinach, consume your supply sooner rather than later because asparagus rapidly loses its nutrients.

Asparagus is a Superfood

This food is extremely wholesome so it’s no wonder you want to share with your precious pet pooch. Asparagus is low in calories yet it packs an excellent nutritional punch.

For sure dogs can benefit from the vitamin K, folate, copper, iron, vitamin B1 & B2 and several other valuable vitamins and minerals.

But perhaps the qualities in asparagus that pet dogs could most utilize are the powerful antioxidants.

Dogs are Mostly Carnivores

Your dog doesn’t need lots of vegetables to supplement their diet, as long as they are getting quality meat protein. In addition, not all foods considered healthy for humans will apply to domesticated animals.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with feeding modest portions of plain asparagus. A 100% strictly carnivorous diet is misguided in our opinion. Just don’t overdo it with veggies!

Conclusion on Asparagus

Asparagus is appropriate for dogs. Serve it lightly cooked or raw, without added ingredients, ensuring they’ll get the rich nutrients. Don’t be surprised at the terrible smells, either from urine or flatulence. Start with a small amount when feeding asparagus to your dog for the first time.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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