Can I Give My Dog Asparagus?

Can I Give My Dog Asparagus?Asparagus is one of the healthiest vegetables so how about feeding some to the family dog? Could canines use the nutrients or is it a bad idea?

A downside to feeding your dog asparagus is the likelihood of odors in the form of gas or smelly urine. Weigh that against the anti-aging and cancer preventing properties as well as this food’s ability to reduce inflammation and arthritic joint pain.

Asparagus is a superfood and there’s no reason to believe that Fido can’t receive these powerful perks too. The catch is that dogs aren’t so well equipped to eat lots of veggies. But there’s nothing wrong with sharing a bit on occasion.

Can I Give My Dog Some Asparagus? Answer: Yes, in moderation

There’s no harm in providing a small portion, but you may not approve of the smell afterwards.

Other than that, asparagus may or may not agree with your canine’s stomach. Most dogs don’t have negative reactions but smelly diarrhea is a possibility. Some take the view that it isn’t necessary to include any vegetables in a typical canine diet. That’s mostly true but you can offer your dog asparagus now and then, assuming they deal with it okay.

A more practical way to incorporate this health food into your dog’s diet is with a quality dog treat that contains asparagus among several other greens.

Asparagus Fern is Toxic

The veggie itself is totally fine but there’s confusion. You see, there are several types of asparagus plants which are dangerous for pets according to the ASPCA. So don’t let your dog play near a fern that’s related to this wonderful vegetable.

The specific toxins are called Sapogenins and they can cause serious gastric upset if ingested. Don’t let that scare you since asparagus stalks are in no way poisonous for dogs.

Best Way to Prepare It

Maybe your dog wolfs down whatever you put in front of him or her. In any case, make asparagus easier on digestion by cutting the stalks up into small pieces. Serve their small portion completely plain, without any other ingredients.

You can give your dog fresh cut-up stalks (raw) or serve them lightly cooked (in boiling water or steamed). Most of the nutrients will be lost if you are feeding well done asparagus.

Much like spinach, you want to consume your supply sooner rather than later because asparagus rapidly loses its nutrients.

Asparagus is a Superfood

This is among the world’s most healthiest foods so it’s no wonder you want to share some with your dog. Asparagus is low in calories yet it packs a nutritional punch.

Dogs can benefit from the vitamin K, folate, copper, iron, vitamin B1 & B2 and several other vitamins and minerals.

Perhaps the qualities in asparagus that could most benefit dogs are the powerful antioxidants.

Dogs are Mostly Carnivores

Dogs don’t really need a lot of vegetables to supplement their diet as long as they’re getting quality meat protein. They also don’t process foods in the exact same way we do. Also, not all foods that are considered healthy will apply to canines.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with feeding modest portions of plain asparagus. Strict dog owners who are providing a 100% carnivorous diet are misguided. Just don’t overdo it with the veggies! See how they react and then you’ll know for certain.

Conclusion on Asparagus

You can give some asparagus to your dog. Serve it plain and only lightly cooked, or raw, to ensure they’ll benefit from its rich nutrients. Don’t be surprised at the terrible smell, either from their urine or flatulence. It’s the nature of asparagus. If you are feeding this super food to your dog for the first time, start with a tiny amount.

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