Can I Give My Dog Alka Seltzer?

Can I Give My Dog Alka Seltzer?Alka Seltzer has been around since the 1930’s. When it was first introduced on the market, it was only advertised as an antacid. But today, this formula is marketed not only as an antacid but as a pain reliever as well.

People now use Alka Seltzer to relieve minor aches, inflammation, hangovers and even for fever. However, it remains to be a popular medicine for indigestion and other stomach problems. This medication comes in the form of tablets which are dissolved in a glass of water and the bubbly solution can then be taken orally.

Alka Seltzer is a very effective remedy as an antacid in people. But is it just as effective in dogs? As every dog lover knows, dogs can experience hyper acidity too. However, not all dog owners are aware of the safety issues with regards to medications like this. If you intend to give people medicines to your pets, it’s important to learn about the facts first.

Can I Give My Dog Alka Seltzer? Answer: No

You cannot give your dog Alka Seltzer. The medication may seem harmless and your dog may even like it too, but it contains harmful substances that can hurt your pet. Different types of Alka Seltzer tablets have different formulation.

There are those that contain aspirins and this ingredient can hurt the stomach lining of your dog. There are also those that contain citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, and although these are not toxic, high doses can still prove to be harmful to a canine’s stomach.

The Acetaminophen content on some forms of Alka Seltzer can be considered more dangerous. This ingredient has a toxic effect on dogs and it can kill your pet instantly.

If You Have Given Alka Seltzer to Your Dog

If your pet dog has ingested Alka Seltzer, you should call a vet so that proper treatment can be administered right away. You can also call the Animal Poison Control to get advice on how to handle the situation.

As the best solution to this problem is to get the toxic matter out of the dog’s system, you can try to induce vomiting. You can do this by giving your pet dog hydrogen peroxide so that the poison can be expelled from the body. Although this remedy is best applied immediately, you can still try the approach even if a few hours have already lapsed.

Just make sure that you feed your dog some bread first, so as not to upset the stomach when vomiting is induced.

Signs of Poisoning to Look Out For

Vomiting and diarrhea are 2 of the most common signs of poisoning in dogs. If the stools have blood, there could be an internal bleeding. If you hear rumbling in the stomach, it could also be a sign that your dog’s stomach lining is irritated and this can be a serious case.

You should immediately call a vet so that supportive care can be given to your dog right away. Poisoning cases are life threatening, and any delay on your part can prove to be risky. Your dog needs medical attention as soon as possible if exposed to toxic medicines.

An activated charcoal treatment can be administered immediately and this can absorb the poisonous elements inside the dog’s body. Intravenous fluids can also be administered to your furry friend, as this will keep your pet’s body well hydrated to combat the effects of the poison in the dog’s system. When your dog has recovered from the situation, additional blood works may still be required to assure that there are no leftover toxins inside the dog’s body.

Tips to Keeping Your Pet Dog Away From Harm

Some dogs will chew anything they see lying around, and this includes medicines. You should therefore make sure that all human medicines are properly kept in containers and stored inside cabinets. With all the cases of dog poisoning that are caused by the intake of human medicines, pet owners should take the extra precaution in making sure that their beloved dogs are not exposed to such dangers.

Your dog should never be given Alka Seltzer whether intentionally or accidentally. This particular type of human medication can be very harmful to your pet, as it can kill your dog with its toxic ingredients.

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Terence January 15, 2014

Pain relievers that are safe for dogs include:

- Metacam
- Bayer
- Aspirin
- Baby Aspirin

Stick to baby aspirin or very low doses for puppies or smaller dogs.


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