Dogs Also Need Sunscreen To Avoid Sunburn — What You Must Know!

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So many pet parents don’t realize that their dogs also need sunscreen protection. A furry coat unfortunately won’t fully prevent sun damage while your best buddy enjoys the outdoors.

Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?While some view this idea as ridiculous, sunscreen truly does make a lot of sense!

But, here’s the problem:

Regular human formulations often contain zinc oxide and other questionable chemicals.

Outdoorsy Dogs Need Sunscreen (be selective)

Canines do get sunburned!

Make no mistake about it:

Your dog can be harmed by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In fact, pets get skin cancer just like people do.

It’s Not Complicated

To protect your dog you need to either get:

  • A dog sunscreen
  • An otherwise safe SPF lotion (specifics on active ingredients in a moment).

But it is absolutely essential that you avoid dangerous chemicals when protecting your dog’s skin!

Sunscreens To Avoid

Skip any sunscreens that contain the following:

  • Zinc oxide
  • Benzophenone
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Oxybenzone
  • 4-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)

The above ingredients could easily be toxic for your dog. This is particularly true if the contents are licked.

Ingestion must be avoided.

Minimize The Risks

Many types of people products can be used on dogs. But it’s often the case there are dreaded downsides.

This goes for sunscreen, though it also applies to various ointments as well as mosquito repellents and even Vaseline.

There really are health hazards for hounds.

Get a quality UVA and UVB inhibiting sunscreen – one that has been made specifically for dogs.

Thankfully, safe pet-friendly products (such as that one) are getting popular.

Dogs Get Sunburn

Do you have a Pit Bull, Dalmatian, Boxer, Beagle or Greyhound?

If so, be sure they are covered when outside for even just a couple of hours. Sunscreen lotion is a must.

Any dog that’s got a whitish (or thin coat) is more susceptible to sunburn.

Beating The Heat

Of course, SPF sunscreen isn’t the only solution.

Have a fair-skinned dog?

Get them into the shade as much as possible. And try not to keep your animal outside for extended periods (especially from 11am to 4pm)!

Plenty of fresh water is a necessity for sufficient hydration in addition to applying sunscreen. The summer months can be brutal!

Reality: It is not uncommon for animals to get heat stroke! If this happens look into Pedialyte as a way to re-hydrate.

Applying It Tactfully

Consider exactly where the sun hits the skin before applying sunscreen to a pet.

It’s basically the top of your dog (on their back side)! That’s where the skin is most susceptible.

The nose and ears are also prone to sunburn.

Sunscreen will help!

Pro Tip: Never shave your dog’s fur! A healthy coat helps prevent severe sunburn and other skin damage.

The Bottom Line

You can and often should utilize a sunscreen for your dog.

Canines need SPF protection too! Animals experience sunburn and cancer is also a concern.

The key is to avoid bad chemicals when choosing a sunscreen for a precious pet dog.

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