What To Do When Your Dog Has Stomach Upset?

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Dogs tend to get stomach upset more often than people do.

This typically happens for two reasons:

  1. Questionable foods
  2. Overeating

Can I Give My Dog Something For Upset Stomach?Yup, those are common culprits. But whatever your canine’s case, we are here to help!

So what should you do?

Well, a dog’s tummy will respond to meds, but natural remedies are obviously preferred.

Thankfully there is a completely effortless approach to settling down a stomach. Works wonders actually! Simply withhold food for several hours. Too easy!

A Dog’s Upset Stomach Can Be Handled In Several Ways

A probiotic (one that’s designed for canines) is worth looking into because your pet’s gut health could be out of whack.

One thing is absolutely certain:

Treating only stomach symptoms is not the way to go. Any dog with recurring abdominal pain should be properly diagnosed.

Quick Fix With Imodium

It is true that vets sometimes utilize Imodium for this exact purpose.

Sure, it’s a fix.

The childrens’ version is OK for alleviating a dog’s upset stomach. Of course, this OTC medication comes with some risk.

Minimize it:

Never exceed 1mg per 20 pounds of the dog’s body weight.

Fast a Furry Friend

Again, the best approach is to remove food for 24-hours or so.

In fact, dogs with a mildly upset stomach really should be fasted.

Why is that?

Fasting gives the stomach time to normalize.

Don’t worry. You can resume feeding your dog small meals after awhile.

Be selective though!

Cooked white rice and boiled chicken are great for this purpose.

This bland food is easily digestible. Perfect for a stomach recovery!

Important: Avoid feeding greasy or rich foods.

Return to dog food days later.

This usually does the trick for a traumatized tummy.

Of course, it’s possible fasting won’t make a difference. If so, get a vet’s assistance. Your dog could have a serious gastric problem.

Use Certain Foods

There are other foods that can greatly improve a stomach situation (equally effective compared to meds like Pepto or similar pharmaceuticals).


When necessary, we give our dogs unflavored oatmeal and pumpkin. Those 2 can really aid an irritated or upset stomach.

Another is mashed bananas. Shredded carrots are also good.

Here’s one that is less known…

Bone broth can be a secret weapon for a dog’s stomach.

Diarrhea And Dehydration

Many dogs with an unsettled gut will refuse to drink.

Uncontrollable diarrhea is common as well.

These have a horrible effect on hydration. So concerning!

Avoid such a worsening situation.

FYI: Having a dehydrated pet dog is much more serious than an upset stomach.

Concerning Conditions

Vomiting and lethargy are indicators of toxicity.

What exactly did your dog eat?

Make no mistake, food poisoning can be quite serious.

Have a vet to assess your dog.

Diarrhea, with blood in the stool, is associated with upset stomach.

That’s also worrying. But that’s not all…

The squirts, beyond anything short term, requires close observation.

The Bottom Line

Go with natural remedies to soothe a dog’s upset stomach.

Avoid drugs whenever possible.

Try fasting Fido for a bit. It works. Meanwhile, monitor for dehydration.

Get your dog a diagnosis for serious or stubborn tummy troubles.

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