Which Kinds of Meat Are Best For Dogs?

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Eating meat is obviously very natural for dogs.

It’s a fact that carnivorous canines thrive on juicy protein-packed animal flesh. Whether you have chicken, turkey, lamb and beef…

Can I Give My Dog Some Meat?Meats are way superior to kibble!

But which types are best for dogs? And is cooked or raw the way to go?

A juicy topic!

Be Selective When Feeding Your Dog Meats

Raw or under-cooked meats tend to provide the most valuable protein.

Rest assured, sharing is caring! Just avoid adding any spices.

A Meat To Avoid

Many would disagree but pork is the least desirable type of meat (this applies to dogs as well).

The reason?

It is fairly rich and also prone to parasites. Trichinosis, in particular, is a very dangerous roundworm.

So regardless of how you serve it, pork generally isn’t great for dogs.

It also happens to be a tough meat to fully digest. That means no pork chops or baloney (bologna)!

The good news:

Most other meats are appropriate for your dog to eat.

Pro Tip: Match meat consumption with the dog’s caloric needs. Take their level of physical activity into account.

Raving About Raw

Cooked meat is viewed more favorably than raw, but try to let go of personal preferences when it comes to your dog’s diet.

Medium-well or well-done is not optimal. Cooked meat is not what your dog would be eating in the wild.

Some of the best flesh to feed? Raw!

Pieces of uncooked steaks and other types of choice beef (straight from the butcher).

Also, read up on fat as well as bones!

The Safest Meats

When it comes to your dog, safety is a big concern.

A potential for parasitic disease and sickness is very real. Either raw or cooked:

Feed fresh meat!

Quality beef, turkey and lamb are recommended. These are particularly excellent choices for serving raw meat.

One more thing…

Avoid giving raw fish. It may contain flukes (a parasite that can harm your dog’s liver).

It’s Not So Easy

As we said, raw meats offer many merits. Your dog can surely benefit from such a diet.

Realistically though, it’s a difficult routine to stick to. This is especially true long-term.

You see…

Food prep and the carnivorous commitment isn’t so convenient. And feeding pure meat is expensive compared to conventional dog foods.

Honestly, an occasional slab of fresh meat is more realistic.

Select Dog Food

A mostly meat diet clearly compares favorably to cheap conventional dog food.

It never makes sense to buy low-grade pet food.

Get a quality brand — one that offers lots of valuable meat protein.

Be sure to choose one with high protein and antioxidants (but minus lots of grains).

The Bottom Line

Owners who feed their dogs fresh meat are smart to do so.

Chicken, beef, lamb, turkey and most other animals are A-OK. But avoid uncooked fish and pork altogether.

How to provide a dog with a special protein-packed meal?

Undercooked or raw!

For most folks, a premium dog food is a consistent and convenient choice for providing meat protein.

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