Can I Give My Dog Vegetables?

Can I Give My Dog Vegetables?Everyone knows vegetables are healthy. Since you love your dog, may want to share some veggies. Surely this can’t be a bad thing, or is it? Let’s set the record straight.

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Many folks claim that dogs are carnivores and should only be eating protein-packed meats. Others provide human foods, including vegetables, with the view that they are beneficial.

Most owners will agree one on thing; if there was a people food likely to be good for dogs, it’d be certain vegetables that could complement regular canine chow.

Can I Give My Dog Vegetables? Answer: Yes, but be selective

You just need to choose the right ones and feed in moderation.

Vegetables provide extra fiber, minerals and other nutrients. Your dog may have more energy from eating veggies. That’s not to say all kinds are appropriate. They also aren’t required for your dog’s diet. Vegetables, however, are good from a dietary standpoint. Sometimes they’re helpful for canine constipation.

Many quality dog foods contain veggies. One that we recommend is a chicken and vegetable recipe called Nutrish. There’s no fillers or artificial preservatives.

Which Vegetables are Best

The most desirable vegetables for dogs are those that do not disrupt their digestion or bowel movements. Being low in calories is also a great bonus.

Quite often pets experience diarrhea after consuming new foods. If a particular vegetable has this effect, it’s an obvious sign that you should stop feeding it to them.

Another important aspect is caloric intake. In that sense, peas, carrots, ripe tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers are great choices. Vegetables should only complement your dog’s regular chow.

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The Kinds Best Avoided

It’s not all smooth sailing since potatoes, corn, avocados, onions and garlic are best avoided. So you see, some vegetables can be toxic for dogs. Other veggies are just mediocre.

The truth is that both fruits and vegetables can be friends to Fido, but there are restrictions. We hope you’ll browse specific foods on our website.

Serving K9s Vegetables

We steam vegetables before serving them to our dogs. They’re noticeably softer which helps the digestive process. Our dogs are eager to try new foods due to our preparation efforts.

Some people like to blend them up. In any case, never add spices. If you have leftover broccoli from your Chinese takeout, you shouldn’t let your dog clean it up.

Balance Fido’s Nutrition

Certain vegetables are nutritious and also fantastic remedies. An example is pureed pumpkin. It works miracles for dog diarrhea by absorbing excess water and hardening soft stools.

But using vegetables, because you’ve purchased inferior dog food, isn’t a great plan. Your pooch probably won’t receive a balanced diet and will instead have some nutritional deficiencies.

Make sure you are providing a well-balanced protein-based chow. Only then can you start thinking of veggie supplementation.

Conclusion on Vegetables

You can give your dog certain veggies. Doing so is healthy. Vegetables low in calories are a great addition to regular chow. Just don’t overly depend on vegetables. Fido needs lots of protein from their meat-based diet. The best and most consistent way to incorporate healthy foods is with a quality dog food that includes vegetables.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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