Can I Give My Dog a Tums?

Can I Give My Dog Tums?If your dog is suffering from an apparent upset stomach, you might reach for your own pack of Tums and think about giving it to them. But it’s not really something they should have, even though it’s not going to harm them.

There are only a few instances where you’d even think of giving it to them, either because they have a stomachache, or because they need more calcium. In either instance it’s not your best choice, and so you should not give it to them.

For an upset stomach, time is the best remedy, but keep a log or a diary so that you can notice any patterns, and try to get to the reason why they’re feeling this way. Usually it is something that they ate that was not their ordinary dog food. The benefit of giving them the same food every day at the same times is that you can easily spot any irregularities to their behavior.

Can I Give My Dog a Tums? Answer: Not Recommended

In the past there were some vets that actually prescribed Tums as a way to help your dog out with digestive troubles. However, it is largely thought as not the best remedy these days. Dogs have fast digestive systems so most of their problems go away in short order. By the time the Tums would do anything, what was causing them discomfort will have already been digested.

Calcium Supplementing

You might also consider giving your dogs Tums to help with their calcium intake. However, the better way to go about it is to give them a high quality dog food instead. This will contain the proper levels of calcium for dogs, and it will be put in a form that they can digest easily.

Good Dog Food Fixes All

A good dog food goes a long way for your dog’s health. Not only does it give them the energy they need to be their playful selves, but it also gives them the vitamins and minerals they need for a shiny, healthy coat. It also keeps their digestive system running smoothly, with the proper amount of meat and vegetable fillers so that they stay nice and regular and don’t have things like bloating, and gas.

It also works to keep things simple. By just giving them their daily dog food you are working on building up consistency, and your dog will come to expect meal times at a certain time. Their digestive juices will start flowing more at these times and they will be able to break down their food more efficiently. If you give them proper portions they will also be able to handle it better.

Any Alternatives?

If you’re dog is ailing from an upset stomach it can be hard to not give them a Tums or something to help them through it. But if they were left alone in the wild they would have to suffer through it by themselves, and they eventually would. Dogs are troopers and are resilient when it comes to dealing with life’s little setbacks.

Other than giving your dog a healthy diet of quality dog food you don’t really need to do much in the way of an alternative to Tums. Just keep track of how often they are feeling bad and if it starts to be a chronic thing you should take them into the vet to see if they can help you come up with a solution.

Self medicating is one of the biggest problems of pet owners. It only covers up the symptoms that could be the sign of a bigger problem, and often it causes more harm than it solves. Your dog deserves better than that and you should treat them well and not just give them human fixes that aren’t designed for them.

Yes, it’s easier to just give them things that you have around the house, but most of the time you should opt not to, and in severe cases you need to get a professional opinion on what is wrong, because sometimes things happen that are out of the ordinary for us, but that a vet has plenty of experience with.

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