Can I Give My Dog Tofu?

Can I Give My Dog Tofu?Vegetarians swear by tofu, but is it okay for your dog? This is debatable, even for humans, since experts make conflicting recommendations about soya.

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What’s certain is that tofu, coagulated soy milk, is unnatural for a dog. You may enjoy bean curb, but that doesn’t mean a pet should partake.

What may be considered a healthy diet, including soy-based foods, isn’t necessarily appropriate for animals. With that said, tofu isn’t toxic for dogs.

Can I Give My Dog Tofu? Answer: Not Recommended

It may fill the stomach but anything soy isn’t a great choice, especially on a regular basis.

Commercial dog food companies are increasingly adding soy to their recipes. We think this is a step in the wrong direction. Animal-based nutrients are what dogs require to thrive. In regards to tofu specifically, your pet pooch could actually be allergic to it.

With all that said, a small amount of tofu won’t harm your dog.

Trouble Trusting Tofu

Most experts agree that tofu, and soy in general, is an incomplete kind of protein for dogs. Pet food manufacturers favor adding soy because it’s cheaper than meat protein. This type of food will tend to make your dog gassy.

Bloat, or gastric dilatation volvulus, is also possible which is the second leading cause of dead for domesticated canines. The phytoestrogens found in tofu are probably a net negative for most dogs. Also consider that soy usually contains high levels of pesticides.

Your Pooch is a Beast!

It may seem unpleasant but dogs evolved over many thousands of years by preying on other animals. Today, your pet isn’t a predator and they enjoy lots of comforts. But you cannot ignore their evolutionary carnivorous instinct.

It is much more beneficial to provide food which takes into account your dog’s DNA profile.¬†Wild cousins such as wolves, coyotes and dingoes would not be eating a smidgen of tofu.

Instead, get a high-quality dog food designed to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements. Unfortunately, soft white blocks¬†pressed from coagulated soy milk just isn’t going to cut it!

Dogs Aren’t Vegetarian

While the benefits of tofu for people continues to be hotly debated, consider that anything derived from soybeans carries allergic risk. Lots of people as well as dogs are allergic to tofu.

If you stick to basics then food allergies are very unlikely to occur. Besides, dogs inherently prefer meat over tofu even though they are opportunistic eaters.

Just because your four-legged friend will eat some tofu, does not mean they are getting what they need for optimum health.

Think Like a Canine

Some vegetarian dog owners don’t like the thought of giving their pets any meat. But the case cannot be credibly made that dogs are vegetarian, either genetically or historically speaking.

On the other hand, people were likely vegetarians for most of human history but this isn’t at all relevant to dogs and their dietary requirements.

Translation: More tofu for you and less for Fido!

Conclusion on Tofu

Tofu isn’t the worst thing you could feed a dog but we don’t recommend it. Don’t rely on tofu as a protein source. Allergies to soy are common. You can share some with your dog but don’t make it a habit. Dogs require meat-based proteins, and not tofu, to really thrive.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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