Can I Give My Dog Skim Milk?

Can I Give My Dog Skim Milk?Providing your dog with skim milk is an idea that should be discussed. Are there real reasons to avoid sharing such a wholesome drink?

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First off, consider that skim milk is still a dairy product. The cream and fat are removed, but that doesn’t necessarily make it suitable for dogs.

Your dog may be lactose intolerant to a degree which is normal. Switching to skim milk won’t avoid a possibility of digestive disruption. Learn more…

Can I Give My Dog Skim Milk? Answer: Not Recommended

Though it likely won’t be harmful in very small amounts.

There are benefits to consuming skim milk, but these should be met in other ways when it comes to pet dogs. Some canines aren’t sensitive to lactose while others will experience gas and/or vomiting. It’s widely agreed that once your dog has been weaned off mother’s milk (or a replacement) there’s usually no reason to go back.

Another one to watch for is a case of the runs (diarrhea) if you share skim milk. This would be a sign that your dog can’t handle it.

Skim Skepticism

Each skim milk calorie packs more protein than the regular stuff. It is therefore much less fattening because the cream has been removed.

This would seem to indicate that it’s more appropriate for a pet pooch. In this sense, skim milk is a better choice than whole regular milk.

But the truth is your dog can get plenty of protein and the same nutrients from solid food sources. Avoid dairy to keep things simple.

Liquids generally aren’t how you should add valuable calories and nutrition to your dog’s diet.

1 or 2 Percent Milk

If giving your dog skim milk is going to achieve anything it will be comparatively less fat intake. This is the case just as 1% milk is less fatty than 2% milk.

Having less cream content doesn’t make it a good idea for a pet dog. It can feel better to feed Fido less fatty foods, but skim milk is still a bit questionable.

Again, if you know that your dog tolerates diary then it could be that skim milk is the better choice. That is, if you wish to keep calorie count and fat intake down.

Skim or No Lactose?

Besides skim, lactose free milk is another one that’s asked about. What you choose to provide will hopefully take into account your dog’s particular digestive sensitivity.

Skim milk, while perhaps better than whole milk, probably isn’t as suitable as the lactose-free variety. The intolerance factor is very much relevant to canines.

Our opinion is that skim milk, lactaid or regular cow’s milk is inappropriate for most dogs. There may be special cases. It can’t hurt to get your vet’s viewpoint.

Conclusion on Skim Milk

Giving skim milk to your dog isn’t a great idea. Low fat is better than regular milk, but it still doesn’t make sense. Reintroducing dairy is unlikely to be beneficial. On the other hand, it is possible a small amount of skim milk won’t be an issue.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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