Can I Give My Dog Radish?

Can I Give My Dog Radish?When sharing the occasional salad with the family dog, you may wonder about including raw radish. This spicy, sometimes bitter, root vegetable is surprisingly asked about quite often.

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There are many varieties and flavors of radish. None are toxic for dogs. That, however, doesn’t make it a good choice. Let’s take a closer look at sharing this strong tasting crunchy veggie with furry friends.

While not harmful, the radish isn’t one of the more nutritious foods. You can expect your dog to be a bit gassy afterwards. A slight stomachache is also possible.

Can I Give My Dog a Radish? Answer: Not Recommended

It isn’t dangerous, but lacks desirable nutrients.

Providing a dog with a radish isn’t the worst idea, but there are better feeding options. When you think of veggies, there are so many better choices compared to radish. It’s a bit difficult to consider this food healthy for dogs, even for humans. Fido may like the crunchiness of radish, but that’s not reason to share.

Did you come here because your dog already ate some radish? Don’t worry, they will be fine.

Not Raving about Radish

The biggest benefit radish has going for it is the moderately high levels of Vitamin C. It’s surprising but dogs actually produce this on their own, which makes radishes in a canine diet even less attractive.

Another positive thing about this root veggie is the low calorie count. There are many other vegetables that can claim the same, but with more nutritional value. Your dog may not even like the taste of radish!

It’s Crunchy, Spicy, Bitter

There’s a debate about whether raw radish is spicy or not. It can have a taste of spiciness. That could be another reason to withhold radish from your dog.

The real reason for such a sharp flavor is the plant’s chemical compounds including myrosinase, isothiocyanate and glucosinolate. When your radish was harvested is also a factor.

Pungent and Not for Pugs

Your dog does not care, but there are different types of this root. It’s no wonder opinions on taste differ. With such a pungent flavor, it’s curious why people eat Raphanus sativus (the scientific name for radish).

We aren’t trying to beat up on this commonly cultivated crop. It really is not a great food choice for dogs, although we are reconsidering after watching this video!

About Those Tossed Salads

Instead of radish mixed in with a fresh tossed salad, add some shredded carrots or sliced cucumbers for your dog. Those are just two nutritionally superior examples that fair better against radish.

Those healthy vegetables are also more likely to sit well with your dog’s stomach. Whenever you feed humans foods to your buddy, give quality vitamins and minerals instead of simply filling their tummy.

Conclusion on Radish

There’s nothing toxic about giving a dog a bit of radish, cooked or raw. We just don’t think it’s a great choice. Minor stomachache and flatulence are factors. More importantly, radish lacks nutrition. Either a spicy or bitter taste, the only benefit is vitamin C and dogs produce their own. When sharing a salad, consider veggies other than radish.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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