Can I Give My Dog Protein?

Can I Give My Dog Protein?Can you supplement your pet dog’s protein intake? If you take fitness seriously, it’s easy to take the view that your best buddy may benefit from whey or similar muscle mass product.

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Some breeds are naturally muscular while others tend to be slim. A muscular physique isn’t something owners need to concern themselves with. While protein should be a big part of your dog’s meals, adding extra is not recommended.

Fido’s daily protein requirements are easily met with a quality canine chow. Don’t get carried away and overload your dog. It’s possible they’d respond poorly to such supplementation. Liver problems, among other complications, are possible.

Can I Give My Dog Extra Protein? Answer: Not Recommended

Stick to safe sources for important nutritional requirements which means quality meats.

When you buy your dog’s food, make sure that it contains a meat source as the first ingredient. This way you’ll ensure they are getting enough protein in their diet on a daily basis. You won’t need to feed any extra by introducing questionable supplementation. We recommend a sport performance dog food for what you may be trying to achieve.

Dog Food w/ Built-in Protein

Many dog foods contain corn or some wheat-based ingredient as the primary content. This is just filler, not protein, and can lead to your dog not having as much energy as they should. They could also develop health problems quicker than they normally would.

It’s a shame. But this doesn’t mean you should provide a protein supplement. Instead, just carefully select their dog food.

Whey Protein is Inappropriate

Whey protein, much like tofu, just isn’t recommended for canines. Whey, in particular, is not found in nature. Actually, it is derived from coagulated milk in the production of cheese. Does that sound like something your dog should have in their diet? It’s devoid of the kind of protein that will make them thrive.

And so, giving your pet dog some of your whey protein shake is not a good idea. While you may have good intentions, and while they will lap it up due to its sweet flavor, it’s not what they need to get through the day. Nor it is practical for you to provide for any sustained period of time.

As funny as it sounds, dogs don’t lift weights. They don’t need this extra protein or Creatine to maintain the muscle they already have. They just need to be active!

A Canine Treat Works Well

There are excellent dog treats that contain mostly meat protein. They are a perfectly acceptable way to make sure that they are getting plenty of protein. This way you can give them a treat after they’ve been running around, or after they’ve gone for a walk with you.

Such a strategy can be a positive reinforcement to routine exercise, and will also help them keep a nice shiny coat. Do this instead of providing any human-formulated protein products.

When to See a Veterinarian

Forget supplementing your dog’s protein levels as a way to get them back on track as far as their health goes. Instead consider taking them to the vet for a checkup first. Getting a professional opinion on what’s best for your dog, and how you can treat them best health-wise, is often money well spent.

The veterinarian may also recommend switching dog food brands, or having them get more exercise or fresh air. It’s very unlikely they’d sign off on a whey protein supplement.

Conclusion on Extra Protein

Dogs require lots of protein, but it should be obtained naturally from foods. Get a high performance dog food with a meat listed as the first ingredient. Beyond that, canines don’t need additional protein. Owners into regular fitness, who drink protein shakes regularly, shouldn’t expect their dogs to live the same lifestyle. You can, however, have a fit dog and even incorporate them into your cardio workouts.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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