Can I Give My Dog Panadol?

Can I Give My Dog Panadol?Paracetamol medicines like Panadol are often the first OTC products that come to mind since they are what people normally take in times of pain. You may be tempted, in cases of pain or fever, to administer this medication to your dog.

For people, a Panadol tablet almost always provides instant relief. It’s effective for controlling fever as well. But you should be wary of human medications for K9s because so many are not so safe for dogs. In fact, some over-the-counter human medicines can even be fatal when given to a dog.

Panadol is a brand which contains 500mg of paracetamol. People can safely take a few tablets in a day. But you shouldn’t give the same type of medicine, any in dosage, to your beloved pet dog.

Can I Give My Dog Panadol? Answer: No!

The answer is 100% no way. Paracetamol can be very toxic for dogs.

If it doesn’t kill them, you can be sure the toxic substances are harming your dog’s system in some way. Whatever the situation, please ask your vet what’s best before giving your dog anything questionable such as Panadol.

In the meantime, you can use aspirin to treat and relieve pain and fever in your dog. Aspirin is being prescribed by a lot of veterinarians for minor pain and slight fever. Often, antibiotics are given to treat the source of dog pain or infection which could be causing fever, among other symptoms.

Symptoms of Panadol Poisoning

Know what to look out for if you have unknowingly given Panadol to your dog. A mild case of poisoning can give your canine an upset stomach and your dog can appear to be very tired.

Serious cases of poisoning are more evident, but you are not really given too much time to make critical live saving observations. Immediately call a vet if your dog shows signs of staggering, vomiting, and restlessness. There could also be blood in the stools and their urine will seem unusually dark-colored.

At a time like this, you should seek professional help and not self-administer medications. Save your pet by getting to a vet as soon as possible!

Other Risk Factors of Giving Panadol to Dogs

Unfortunately the effects of Panadol poisoning may not be immediately evident in your dog. You may think that the medicine has caused no side effects in your furry friend. You might even get the impression that the Panadol has helped in relieving your dog’s pain and fever. This is one reason why Panadol is so dangerous.

Be warned! The toxic effects of Panadol can accumulate in your dog’s system and, in time, lead to severe kidney damage, liver damage, and ulcer or anemia.

Why Do Vets Prescribe It?

In very rare cases, vets sometimes prescribe paracetamol and other similar people medicines to dogs. They do this with sufficient knowledge of the right dosage for certain dog breeds. They also know how to compensate for other important variables such as weight, age and medical history.

In situations where these types of potent medicines are prescribed by vets many critical factors are all taken into account.

Ways to Avoid Panadol Poisoning

Knowing about the dangerous effects of Panadol when given to your dog is important. Certainly you should stop giving this type of medicine to your pet if you have previously done so. Likewise, you also need to be very careful of accidental ingestion of the drug.

If you accidentally drop a Panadol on the floor, your dog can immediately pick this up even before you have the chance to retrieve it. Treat all drugs like they are potentially dangerous, because they are, and be very careful in handling all medications.

Keep your medicines in sealed containers instead of leaving them lying around. Do the same for your dog’s medicines as well. Even with pet medicines, accidental consumption can lead to overdose and death depending on the amount consumed.

Do the Right Thing

Unless you are confident that a certain drug is safe for your dog, unlike Panadol, then just don’t risk it. If you need to use a particular medicine to treat your dog’s ailment, make sure that you consult a good vet first.

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Amelia May 17, 2014

Paracetamol has been prescribed by my vet for my dog, who has pain from a tumor and has reacted badly to opiates. However, I’m scared to give it to him as he has had such severe reactions to all other pain relief. What should I do now? He seems to be in discomfort but Paracetamol could kill him?


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