Can I Give My Dog Olives?

Can I Give My Dog Olives?Olives seem like a healthy and harmless enough food for dogs to eat. Fortunately this bite-sized Mediterranean snack isn’t known to be toxic for four-legged friends.

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With that said, there can be pitfalls (pun intended) to providing pits to precious pets. Your dog should never be given an olive with the kernel still inside.

So, you can feed a dog olives. Sharing is generally okay but there are downsides to canned foods, including this one, due to sodium and other preservatives. Learn more…

Can I Give My Dog Olives? Answer: Properly prepared and pitless is the way to do it

The cheap canned kind are typically loaded up with added salt which is not desirable.

Preservative-laden olives are much like cheap cherries. Unfortunately, preserved foods aren’t really that healthy for people or their dogs. Canned olives should be strictly limited because of the salty brine content and perhaps other included ingredients (read the label!)

Tip: Rinse off those olives for your dog as a way to make them a bit healthier. This will make it easier on their kidneys on the long term.

Canned Black Olives

There are black and green olives and there is a difference in some respects. It’s a bit better to feed your pet dog the black variety because they tend to contain less sodium compared to green olives.

Nevertheless, we still recommended that you keep your canine’s consumption of olives to a minimum and, again, always clean them off before feeding this type of special snack.

Are Green Olives OK?

The green variety are usually picked at an earlier stage relative to ripe black olives. This means green are unripened comparatively, but the nutritional aspects are nearly identical.

You do not need to concern yourself with which type to feed your pet dog. They will not benefit more or less based on the olive’s color. Instead focus on rinsing off the sodium and removing any pits.

The Stuffing Matters

Some olives have been stuffed full of things like blue cheese, feta cheese, anchovies, pimentos, jalapeno and others. What’s in your particular olives? This could be a feeding factor for Fido.

Fantastic Fat in Olives

Somewhat surprisingly, the fat found in olives is fine for dogs. These are desirable unsaturated fats which may actually reduce diabetes risks, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They are heart healthy.

The above is a big part of what makes olives desirable, minus the sodium factor of course. In reality though, your dog probably doesn’t need their blood pressure or cholesterol lowered.

Be realistic about what olives can do for your furry friend which also involves rationing their portions based on the dog’s size and appropriate caloric intake.

Conclusion on Olives

You can feed your dog olives, black or green. Make an effort to lower the sodium, particularly with preserved canned products. Olives may be healthy for dogs, when fed in moderation, but never provide pits to pets. Be sure to remove olive seeds, rinse them off before sharing a few.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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