Can I Give My Dog Monistat?

Can I give my dog Monistat?Monistat is a medicinal treatment to cure yeast infections. It usually is in the form of a nitrate that must be implanted into the vagina, but may also come in the form of gels and creams.

Yeast infections occur in the vagina and are caused by an overgrowth of the fungus that grows in the vagina. This overgrowth is not healthy and needs to be taken care of immediately. Although common and not very serious, yeast infections are bothersome and should be treated upon being diagnosed.

Yeast infections are caused by many different things. They are most usually caused by an imbalance in the growth of the yeast cells in the vagina. Taking certain antibiotics can cause this imbalance, as well as certain health problems such as HIV/AIDS and diabetes.

Some symptoms of a yeast infection include irritation, burning, and itching in the vaginal area. A painful and burning sensation often occurs when you urinate and have sexual intercourse. Some women even have white, clumpy, odorless discharge from their vagina that looks like cottage cheese. Symptoms typically appear the week before your menstrual cycle, so be on the lookout around this time if you are unsure about your condition.

Can I Give My Dog Monistat? Answer: Not Recommended

Yeast infections are not limited to humans and affect all animals alike in different ways. Dogs also suffer yeast infections, but sometimes these infections occur in the ears. Wherever they occur, it is never safe to use a human medication on a dog. Using Monistat on a dog is considered cruel to the animal and is completely unsafe. Since Monistat is not tested on animals, giving it to a dog will most likely do more harm than good. Even with good intentions, there is no way to previously know what kind of reactions the dog will have to the medicine.

Dog medication is very different than human medication and neither are safe for the other and vice versa. Most human medications are actually fatal to dogs, so never subject your dog to a human medication as a last ditch effort.

Accidental Ingestion of Monistat
If your dog has already broken into the Monistat and ate it all, do not panic. Make sure to keep a close eye on the dog to check for unusual behavior. Depending upon how much of the Monistat was consumed and the size of your dog, treatment and effects to the dog may be different.

Make sure to call a poison control number in addition to your veterinarian so help cleanse and properly treat your animal. If a phone call is not doable, search online to help diagnose your dog using a pet MD or pet poison control site.

Preventing Yeast Infections
To help prevent yeast infections from forming inside of your dog, much action can be taken. Always make sure to dry your dog off well after coming inside from being in the rain or playing in the water. Making sure that your dog isn’t continuously wet or damp in places prone to yeast infections will help this cause. Unneeded moisture in certain places on your dog can account for many yeast infections that occur.

Another way to help prevent these infections is using a mild dog soap when washing your pet. Not abrasively cleaning your animal with harsh soaps will be most beneficial. Also make sure to properly dry your dog off after washing them, to ensure a healthy, clean, and dry body.

When to See a Vet
Giving a dog Monistat is not a safe idea. Yeast infections that occur in dogs are very different than the ones that occur to humans and therefore require different care and treatment. Monistat is a tricky medication to inject, and injecting this into a dog will be even more difficult. You would not want to harm your animal in any way more than the yeast infection is already harming them.

Be sure to watch your dog carefully if you suspect a yeast infection, but do not jump to conclusions or diagnoses right away. Make sure to get an expert’s opinion by contacting your veterinarian by either telephone or appointment. They would probably tell you Diflucan is a better alternative than Monistat.

They will be able to properly treat your dog so that the yeast infection will disappear and your dog will return to being healthy and happy. If your dog has already consumed Monistat, watch and wait. If the dog doesn’t show any outwardly abnormal signs, the Monistat may pass through it’s system without harm.

If the dog is showing abnormal signs such as swelling or discharge from the eyes, twitching, smelling, or itchy ears, heavy breathing, or significant behavioral changes, seek medical attention immediately.

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