Can I Give My Dog Monistat?

Can I Give My Dog Monistat?Monistat is an anti-fungal topical medication that’s used for treating yeast infections. Your pet dog’s skin and ears are most vulnerable to such a Candida outbreak. This popular product can effectively eliminate fungi for Fido.

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Malassezia and¬†Candida albicans are common kinds of yeast infections that dogs face. They¬†aren’t normally considered serious but treatment is certainly necessary. Monistat works on pets even though it’s mostly associated with human vaginal infections.

An weakened immune system allows yeast cells to thrive which can cause complications for a canine. Sores, lesions of the skin and ear problems are top concerns. Your dog may be dealing with irritation, burning and itching. Monistat, when used properly, can help.

Can I Give My Dog Monistat? Answer: Yes, especially for ear or skin infections

This over-the-counter product can be used for eliminating yeast infections affecting pets.

Monistat, or the generic form Miconazole, works well for addressing the types of yeast infections that typically afflict dogs. The skin and ears are particularly prone areas that are known to respond well to Monistat. If your dog’s problem is vaginal it could be a sign of a¬†bacterial urinary tract infection which likely requires additional medications. Despite Monistat’s effectiveness, we recommend that a¬†veterinarian diagnose and treat your dog for most types of yeast infections.

Diflucan is a similar drug that can be administered to animals with a professional’s guidance.

Preventing Yeast Infections

We have a few preventative ideas that will go a long way towards never needing to use Monistat. Routine cleaning of your dog’s ears should be done. This will surely reduce the possibility of your dog developing a yeast infection or Thrush.

Another tip is to not delay in drying off Fido whenever they’ve become wet. If your dog has damp areas they will be more prone to yeast infections. A¬†mild soap made specifically for dogs should be used when bathing a best buddy since harsh soaps can be counterproductive.

Prevention is obviously much preferred to having to use Monistat when it comes to having a happy and healthy pet dog.

Accidental Monistat Ingestion

If your dog has already broken into the Monistat and ate it, don’t panic. Just be sure to keep a close eye on them, watching for any unusual behavior. Depending on how much of the Monistat was consumed and your dog’s size, negative effects and treatment options may vary.

If your dog doesn’t show any outwardly abnormal signs, the Monistat may pass through their system without harm.

Some of the telltale signs of a serious case of poisoning include swelling or discharge from the eyes, twitching, smelling, or itchy ears, heavy breathing or significant behavioral changes. Seek medical attention for your dog immediately upon observing any of these.

Only a professional can properly assess your dog after such poisoning occurs. If you think the situation is serious then call Poison Control in addition to your local veterinarian.

Dogs and Fungal Infections

Yeast infections in dogs are different than the ones that occur in humans. They, therefore, require different care and treatment. In the case of¬†Monistat, it’s a Miconazole Nitrate which comes with an applicator including gel and cream forms.

It¬†can be a tricky medication and it’s certainly more difficult to properly inject it into a dog. For this reason, canine vaginal issues should really be diagnosed and treated directly by a trained veterinary professional for best results.

Conclusion on Monistat

Close observation is needed for potential yeast infections. Your best bet is to get an expert‚Äôs opinion, specifically that of a veterinarian. They may tell you Diflucan is a better alternative than Monistat depending on your dog’s particular circumstances. The good news is that¬†proper treatment will cause the yeast infection to fade away and your dog will return to being healthy and happy again.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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