Can I Give My Dog Midol?

Can I Give My Dog Midol?Midol is a popular pain reliever because it’s fast-acting, providing almost instant relief. Are you considering the use of this product for your pet dog?

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Pain relievers which are intended for humans may sometimes work for canines, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the drug is safe for your dog.

As with most pain relievers intended for use on humans, Midol is also a killer medicine for dogs. If you give this to your pet, it may provide an instant relief from pain but it can also cause other diseases and complications.

Can I Give My Dog Midol? Answer: No

Before giving any type of people medicine to dogs, you should consult a vet first. In cases where the vet prescribes a certain type of human medicine for your dog, the dosage will be properly regulated so as not to have a bad effect on the dog.

Different Types of Midol

There are currently 4 types of Midol being sold over-the-counter these days. There’s the Midol Extended Relief which provides long lasting effects up to 6 hours or even more. This type of Midol contains Naproxen Sodium.

Then there’s also Midol Teen Formula which is a low-strength kind of Midol intended for the younger generation who are suffering from mild dysmenorrhea. This type of Midol contains an ingredient called Acetaminophen. There’s also a Midol intended for general types of cramps and body aches. And this drug contains Ibuprofen (also the main ingredient in Advil).

Finally, there’s the Midol Menstrual Complete which is geared towards adult women having menstrual pain. This type of Midol contains Acetaminophen and Pyrilamine.

All the main ingredients being used in these Midol tablets (Naproxen Sodium, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and Pyrilamine) are all highly toxic to dogs. In small dosages, it may not produce any immediate effects on your dog. But if used continuously and in large doses, it can actually lead to coma and death.

Some Midol Side Effects

The harmful side effects of Midol (or any human pain reliever for that matter) can vary greatly from pet to pet. There are dogs that have high tolerance level and the bad side effects of people medicines may not immediately manifest. Large breeds typically don’t show any immediate signs of poisoning and this may lead you to believe that everything is fine.

But when the toxic components of the pain reliever drug accumulate in a dog’s system, it can lead to liver and kidney failure. And sometimes, when the symptoms manifest, it’s already too late to rectify the problem.

With small breeds, drug poisoning can immediately take effect and signs can also be seen instantly. This is due to the small breed’s lower tolerance for high doses of drugs due to their small stature and low body weight. Small dogs can easily go into shock and coma if given pain reliever tablets that are highly toxic to dogs.

In Case of Midol Poisoning

If you have unknowingly given your pet dog a pain reliever intended for human, particularly Midol, you should call a vet right away. Your vet can give your dog an activated charcoal medication which will work to absorb the poisonous elements inside your dog’s body. If administered quickly, this remedy can absorb all the harmful elements that are contained in the Midol drug.

A series of blood tests can also be made to ensure that there are no traces of harmful drugs left in your dog’s system. With proper vet care, your dog can recover from this ordeal in just a day or two. So the solution to this dilemma is that you act on it immediately to avoid the spread of poison inside your dog’s body.

Conclusion on Midol

Know for a fact that almost all pain relievers that are intended for humans are generally harmful to dogs. If you think that your dog is in great pain and you need to do something about it, give baby aspirin instead. This is one type of people medicine that is guaranteed safe for dogs.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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