Can I Give My Dog Meat?

Can I Give My Dog Some Meat?Eating meat is obviously very natural for dogs. So, when your carnivorous canine begs you for a piece of juicy protein-packed animal flesh, it’s logical to want to share.

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Fido can handle rationed chicken, turkey, lamb and beef. Many owners, for good reason, view meats as superior to kibble. Perhaps you don’t think highly of most commercial dog foods.

That’s understandable, but a strict meat diet is also debatable. The case can be made from an evolutionary standpoint, but premium dog food has considerably improved. This is a juicy topic!

Can I Give My Dog Some Meat? Answer: Yes, with some restrictions

It’s a big part of what makes hounds happy and healthy.

We still favor a high quality grain-free dog food for reasons we’ll explain. That said, raw or under-cooked meats will provide a dog with valuable protein. They’ll thrive nutritionally. Tossing your dog pieces of meat is fine, just avoid adding spices. Pork isn’t recommended, but most other meats are appropriate.

Match your dog’s meat consumption with their caloric needs, based on their level of physical activity.

Canines and Cooked Meat

People view cooked meat more favorably than raw which is understandable. Try to let go of your own personal preferences when it comes to your pet dog’s diet. Medium-well or well-done isn’t optimal.

Consider that cooked meat isn’t what your buddy would be eating in the wild. Many will disagree but some of the best meats you can feed a dog are pieces of uncooked steaks and other types of choice beef.

Also, read up on fat and bones!

The Safest Meats to Serve

Most meats, both cooked and raw, contain lots of protein. Safety, however, is the top concern due to the potential for parasitic disease and sickness. Either raw or cooked, be sure to feed Fido fresh meat!

Your best bets are quality beef, turkey and lamb. These are all great choices for serving raw meat. Avoid giving raw fish because it may contain flukes, a parasite that can harm your dog’s liver.

Pork, regardless of how it’s served, isn’t good for dogs. It’s a tough meat to digest, but it also could contain trichinosis which is a dangerous roundworm.

No pork chops or baloney (bologna)!

Convenience & Commitment

As we said, raw meats offer many merits. Your dog can probably benefit from such a diet. Realistically though, it’s difficult to maintain over the long-term.

Food preparation and the carnivorous commitment isn’t convenient. Feeding pure meat is also more expensive than conventional dog foods. An occasional slab of fresh meat is much more realistic.

A Premium Dog Food Diet

A mostly meat diet clearly compares favorably to cheap conventional dog food. It never makes sense to buy low-grade pet food. Get a top quality brand that offers lots of valuable meat protein.

That’s a good compromise. Your furry friend will benefit from a well-rounded diet designed and formulated for them. Choose one, like the one above, with high protein and antioxidants minus grains.

Conclusion on Meat

Feeding a pet dog fresh meats will provide lots of protein and nutrition. Avoid uncooked fish and pork altogether. Undercooked and raw meat is not only appropriate, but healthy for dogs. You can absolutely share most types of portioned meat. A premium dog food is a consistent way to serve meat protein in a balanced way.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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