Can I Give My Dog Meat?

Can I Give My Dog Some Meat?Eating raw meat is very natural for dogs. After all, they are primarily carnivores. So if your pet dog is begging you for a piece of juicy meat, logically, you may wonder about tossing them some.

Most dogs can handle meats pretty well and there’s a strong case that fresh meat is better than kibble. This has prompted some owners to consider switching to a strict meat-based diet. Is that a good idea and should it be cooked or raw and which types are best?

We’ll address this broad topic and try to clear up the confusion. In truth, those for and against make valid points. Proponents liken dogs to wolves and view things from an evolutionary standpoint. Those who disagree, on the other hand, point out some great commercial dog foods. No doubt, this is meaty topic!

Can I Give My Dog Some Meat? Answer: Yes, with some important restrictions

You can give your dog certain types of fresh meats without incident. Meat generally contains valuable protein which they need to thrive.

A strict meat diet, however, is more tricky. If your best buddy is accustomed to their daily dog food, their body will need to adjust and they likely won’t to be able to process that much concentrated meat. At the very least, such a drastically new diet may cause some gastrointestinal issues such as upset stomach and/or diarrhea.

Canines & Cooked Meat

People view cooked meat more favorably than when it’s raw which is understandable. But, let go of your own preferences when it comes to your dog’s eating habits. Cooked meat isn’t what they’d be consuming based on their predatory instincts.

Many will disagree but some of the best meats you can feed a pet dog are pieces of uncooked steaks and other types of choice beef.

The Safest Meats to Serve

All meats, both cooked and raw, contain decent levels of protein but some are more suitable for pet dogs than others. Safety is of the utmost concern due to the potential for parasitic disease and sickness. Your best bets are quality beef, turkey and lamb. These are great choices when serving raw meat.

It’s prudent to avoid providing raw fish because it may contain flukes, a type of parasite, which can harm your dog’s liver. Pork, regardless of how it’s served, isn’t well suited for dogs and also carries relatively higher risks. It’s generally a tough meat to digest but it also may contain trichinosis which is a dangerous roundworm.

Practicality & Commitment

Raw meats offer many merits. No doubt that your dog can benefit from such a diet strategy. Realistically though, it’s tough to maintain because most folks find it impractical over the long term. The food preparation, combined with the commitment, often proves difficult. Also, don’t forget that a meat diet will be significantly more expensive than most conventional dog foods. An occasional slab of fresh meat may be more realistic.

Convenience of Dog Food

So it’s arguably better to feed your dog a raw meat diet, especially compared to low-grade cheap dog food. Too many owners are buying questionable canine chow in order to be economical. Yes, there’s some meat in there but it usually cannot compare to a raw meat diet or even freshly cooked protein.

That said, there are some premium brands containing high-quality meat protein with all the convenience of regular dog food. In fact, the good stuff is specially formulated meaning your dog will benefit from a well-rounded diet designed for them. For example, this excellent dog food contains essential proteins and antioxidants with no grains. It also doesn’t require a huge adjustment that a strict meat diet would.

Conclusion on Feeding Meat

Feeding your dog certain raw meats can be an excellent way to provide high levels of nutrition and protein. There are, however, some uncooked foods which can be harmful as we’ve discussed above. For many dog owners, a strict raw meat diet requires too much effort and expense and isn’t easy to maintain. So, you can feed your dog meats on occasion but a high quality dog food is usually best. Also, read up on fat and bones!

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Sandra February, 2016

My hubby has caught some raccoons. He skinned then and has baked the meat. He wants me to feed it to my dog. I make her food using beef, turkey, chicken, eggs and rice with sweet potatoes as well as greens of all kinds. I need to know if I can use the raccoon meat cook in her feed.


Brad June, 2016

Racoon is the stinkiest critter you’ll ever roast. Just the thought of smelling that cooking makes me ill. Your dogs will be in heaven.


Keng August, 2015

Avoid pork at all costs because of the potential for bacteria. It’s best to feed your pet dog raw beef but ensure the meat is taken from the freezer, not meat that’s been thawed for an unduly long time. If possible, feed beef brisket because the bones in it do not break into sharp fragmented pieces which may injure internal organs.


Brad June, 2016

There are no bones in a brisket, unless you mean feeding a dog a whole quarter cow. I’ve cooked hundreds of full clods and briskets and nary a bone in any of them. I’m not gonna give my mutt good brisket though. They can have a bite, a taste but that’s about it.


Laverne January, 2015

If I cook a pork roast, well done with no seasonings, can my dog have just a little to taste?


James January, 2015

Just a taste is, of course, fine. I’m sure it’s delicious as well.


Rita December, 2014

I give my dog Eden kibbles which are rated as one of the best. But she refuses to eat them without chicken, the only meat she likes. I have had to resort to mashing cooked chicken to the kibbles in order to make it stick. I’m worried that she could be having too much chicken. Sometimes I give her green beans and garden peas for a change.


Ian March, 2015

Try getting someone else to feed the dog without you in the building and without chicken mixed in. Your dog knows it’s got you under their thumb. But if a new person provides food, the dog will have no way of making a complaint and it will just eat what’s available.


Koni October, 2014

I am braising some meat marinated/cooked with red wine vinegar. Is this meat, the way it’s prepared, safe for dogs? I ask because dogs cannot have grapes or alcohol and I’m curious if this is also a problem.


Trinity March, 2016

Never give your dog chicken bones. They can cause internal damage and more. Lean towards the brisket because it has tough bones that don’t break and shatter like chicken bones. Also, never give your dog pork because it’s not very healthy and could cause disease from pesticides in the meat.


Terence March, 2014

Raw lamb, pork or venison are at a higher risk for Toxolplasmosis which is a parasitic disease that sometimes exists in raw meats and can be passed on to your dog.


Old Lady February, 2013

I give my dogs bones of chicken and other meats as well as fat trimmings. They seem to be really healthy and they enjoy it.


Quinn December, 2015

You should not give dogs chicken bones. They shatter and can choke the dog. Hard bones from mammals are okay.


Brad June, 2016

Chicken bone and pure fat are the two worst things from an animal you can feed a dog. Your dog could choke on the bones or they’ll wind up with pancreatitis, especially smaller breeds. It’s a painful condition that leads to death much of the time. Malamutes and other Eskimo dogs process pure fat but even then you don’t want an overweight pooch.


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