Can I Give My Dog Mango?

Can I Give My Dog Mango?Not all fruits are safe for pet dogs but mango isn’t one of them! This sweet, yet nutritious gift from nature is okay to share.

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If you think your dog will eat some mango then make it a special treat on occasion. There’s just a bit of preparation involved.

Always remove the pit before serving a dog their mango portion. The skin is a bit difficult to digest so peel it before feeding Fido.

Can I Give My Dog Mango? Answer: Yes

It’s actually healthy for hounds in small amounts.

You’ll be happy to know that mangoes are safe for dogs to eat. In fact, mango fruit can be one of the best choices for a treat. The question is: does your dog like it or not? Mango has a few different tastes depending on the degree of ripeness.

What’s certain is that pumpkin and mango Fruitables treats always get quickly eaten in our house.

Lots of Health Benefits

Your pet dog can also utilize the high levels of vitamin A, B6, vitamin C, E as well as fiber and potassium in a juicy mango.

What is really great about this tropical fruit are the potential benefits from the pectin, enzymes, flavonoids (beta-carotene), antioxidants and the likely boost to your dog’s immune system.

FYI: Mango may be good for diabetic dogs since it is known to help stabilize insulin in the body.

Ripe Mango for Dogs

It is very likely that your dog will really enjoy a ripened mango and not an unripe one. So look for an orange-yellowish skin or wait until yours is ready!

If the mango is green your best buddy probably may not find it appealing at all. It has a very strong sour taste that is objectionable to most humans and dogs. There are always exceptions.

Give Small Pet Portions

Especially when feeding mango for the first time, feed small amount to your precious dog. You don’t want to unnecessarily disrupt their digestive system.

You have to see how they react to this less popular fruit. Mango could be Fido’s favorite or just the opposite. Tiny portions whenever you introduce any new food.

Seeds, Leaves & Skin

Again, preparation is a must when you feed your dog mango. Clean the fruit, fully peel it and remove the seed (pit) since it presents a choking hazard and contains some cyanide.

We also do not recommend allowing pets to consume mango leaves. It’s just a bad idea. Flesh only.

Now you can slice up the mango into pieces and slowly feed to a furry friend. Try to make this healthy treat last. Don’t let your dog gobble down an entire mango in a short period of time.

Conclusion on Mango

You can feed your dog some mango. It is not harmful for pets. Quite the opposite, but you still need to prepare mango so it’s very safe for the dog. Remove the skin as well as the pit. Canine consumption of mango is absolutely appropriate in moderation.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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