Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Mango!

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Do you want to feed your dog some mango?

Great news! This sweet yet nutritious fruit can be safely shared with your best buddy.

Just don’t get carried away. A good policy is to feed your dog mango as an occasional treat.

Can I Give My Dog Mango? Other than that, you should do a bit of preparation before sharing.

First and foremost, be sure to remove the pit. And do this for the skin as well in order to make digestion easier.

Your Dog Can Have Mango

This fruit is healthy for hounds too!

But the thing is not all dogs will actually enjoy it. Mango has different tastes depending on how much it has ripened.

Unripe mango, for example, is very sour! (more on this later)

Many Health Benefits

A juicy mango has vitamin A, B6, vitamin C, E as well as fiber and potassium.

These nutritional attributes are good for dogs too!

Here is what’s even better…

The potential benefits from its pectin, enzymes, flavonoids (beta-carotene) and antioxidants.

Mango could also give your dog’s immune system a boost.

FYI: It may be good for diabetic dogs. Why? It’s known to help stabilize insulin.

Ripe Mango For Dogs

It is likely your dog will enjoy a ripened mango, but not an unripe one.

Look for an orange-yellowish skin or wait until yours is ready!

Is the mango green?

Your pooch may not find it appealing. Again, it has a very strong sour taste. Most humans as well as dogs find it objectionable.

Pet-Friendly Portions

Feed your dog only small amounts of mango. This is especially important for the first time.

You do not want to unnecessarily disrupt digestion.

Take a wait and see approach. Observe how they react to this fruit.

Mango could be Fido’s favorite or just the opposite.

Tiny portions whenever introducing a new food.

Seeds, Leaves And Skin

Preparation is a must.

Clean the mango, fully peel it and remove the seed (pit).

It cannot be stressed enough:

The seed presents a choking hazard and contains some cyanide.

The leaves are off limits as well. It’s just a bad idea.

Flesh only!

Now you can slice up the mango into pieces and feed it slowly.

Try to make this wonderful tropical treat last.

In other words, do not let your dog gobble down an entire mango in a short period of time.

The Bottom Line

You can feed your dog a bit of mango.

In moderation, this fruit is not harmful. On the contrary, ripe mango is healthy and also enjoyable.

What a great idea for a special treat!

But don’t forget that you still need to prepare mango. Simply remove the skin as well as the pit.

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2 thoughts on “Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Mango!”

  1. We thought of giving our dog mango seeds to lick and chew. Won’t be doing that now! Thank you!

  2. That’s great to know! I’ve read that mangoes contain enzymes as well, but how much can you feed a smallish dog of approximately 7.5 kilograms without giving too much? How about a third of a whole mango, provided chopped up?

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