Can I Give My Dog Lipitor?

Can I Give My Dog Lipitor?Lipitor is a well known statin brand. Many people need to lower their cholesterol levels and so Lipitor is very common for folks to take as they get older. We don’t really hear about dogs being given this drug and there’s a logical reason for that!

Higher levels of cholesterol in dogs doesn’t mean they are in the same kind of danger. It would be highly irregular to give your dog Lipitor or any other type of Atorvastatin. Canines aren’t as susceptible to the same cardiovascular complications humans tend to develop.

If your dog somehow ate a few of these capsules, you are likely concerned. Statins like Lipitor, when taken in low doses, aren’t necessarily harmful for dogs. But there are some factors to consider when assessing accidental dosage. Let’s look into the effects of Lipitor on a dogs’ system so we can better understand some important factors in such a situation.

Can I Give My Dog Lipitor? Answer: Dogs don’t need statins

It works wonders for lots of people but the same cannot be said for giving it to canines.

Lipitor, developed by Pfizer, is for humans. This best-selling pharmaceutical drug came off patent in late 2011. Since then people have been able to get cheaper generic brands. Perhaps you, as a dog owner, have personally benefited from Lipitor and you want to inquire about those same benefits for your pooch. In truth, you’d be much better off giving them a quality multi-vitamin made for dogs.

What the Research Shows

Studies have shown that dogs can also experience a reduction in cholesterol levels after taking atorvastatin. Another fact is that healthy dogs can tolerate statins better than sick pups. That said, dogs don’t usually suffer from coronary diseases and other heart problems like we humans do. Their arteries don’t typically get clogged and they don’t normally suffer from strokes.

Fat & Heart Health

High cholesterol and higher fat intake is normal for dogs. They actually need it. In this area, only Pancreatitis and obesity are concerns and would be conditions warranting a reduction in the high fat levels found in a typical doggie diet. If you are worried about your dog’s health, there are things you can do. But giving them Lipitor, because it helps you, is not one of them.

Lipitor Dosage for K9s

If you insist on providing Lipitor to your dog then ensure you are giving them a safe dose. As a rule of thumb, approximately 1 milligram per pound is safe. A study which evaluated the effects of Atorvastatin on dogs used 2mg per kilogram which is a similar ratio. The catch-22 here is that only healthy dogs were found to well tolerate such a statin.

Very little research has been done to confirm if dogs, specifically unhealthy dogs which may actually have high levels of cholesterol, are safe to be taking it. On the surface, and in preliminary research, it appears they do seem to be fine after taking appropriate doses.

If your dog has taken a high dose, regardless of how that happened, visit a vet ASAP to ensure their internal organs are okay.

Healthy Lifestyle & Diet

We would much rather see your dog improve their health by natural means. Rather than look into Lipitor as a treatment, you should instead feed your dog the best dog food. Combine that with a more active, outdoor lifestyle and you will be providing them with the best preventative healthcare possible.

Diet and exercise is very important for people and dogs, alike. Having a dog gives you a great reason to improve your own health. Get outdoors more instead of depending on artificial means for prolonging an unhealthy routine. Incorporate your dog into your healthy life and thrive together!

Conclusion on Lipitor

A stain, such as Lipitor, is not going to make your dog live longer like it possibly can for you. Forget it as an option and actually improve your dog’s life for real. A good diet and exercise is the way to go. If you want to provide some type of supplementation, consider a high quality all-in-one vitamin chews made for canines.

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Maree October, 2014

Statins are not good for people either, just good for drug company profits. People need cholesterol and if it is elevated then it is trying to mop up inflammation and damage in the body so reduce your inflammatory markers. Cholesterol is produced by the body for a reason and is essential for good brain function.

Assess your risks through a calcification test and always research the side effects of any medication for yourself or your precious K9. Thanks so much for this site, it has very useful information.


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