Can I Give My Dog Lasix?

Can I Give My Dog Lasix?Vets commonly prescribe Lasix, a diuretic brand which is also called Salix or Disal. The actual drug, or the generic name, is Furosemide. You’ll be happy to know that, according to the FDA, it’s generally safe if precautions are taken.

A veterinary Lasix prescription should come with detailed directions for proper use. We’ll cover the basics here. While routinely used for dogs, it’s very important to familiarize yourself with this popular medication. Your pet could require it for the long term!

There are several conditions which may warrant use of this diuretic. The primary benefit of Lasix is for treating what’s known as edema, or water retention. This complication is often a result of a kidney disorder, liver disease or congestive heart failure. It may very well help to keep your dog alive!

Can I Give My Dog Lasix? Answer: Yes, with vet approval

This loop diuretic can work for canines that are retaining water but dehydration is a real concern.

Be sure to monitor your dog closely while they are on Lasix. It’s quite often used for dogs but, nevertheless, it wasn’t designed for them. Also, speak with your vet regarding long term use of Lasix because it has the potential to affect your dog’s vitamin and electrolyte balance. They may require a prescription diet or vitamin supplementation, perhaps added potassium.

How Lasix Works

Usually taken orally but also injectable, this medicine works by restricting absorption of water as well as certain nutrients in a dogs’ kidneys. By changing kidney function, it effectively eliminates excess fluids. You’ll likely notice that your buddy has to urinate more often which is totally normal.

Only a veterinarian can properly dose your dog for the safe and effective use of Lasix.

Possible Side Effects

Canine dehydration is the most common concern while taking Lasix or any other form of Furosemide. Since this is powerful diuretic, it would be easy for your dog to become dehydrated unless you see to it that this doesn’t happen.

There is a long list of other side effects such as loss of appetite, lethargy, increased heart rate, jaundice, blurred vision, restlessness, stomachaches, muscle pain, diarrhea or vomiting and even seizures. Some of these are quite scary but, thankfully, such symptoms are not common. But if they do occur, your dog may require immediate attention and a return to the vet.

Interactions and Allergies

There are certain drugs that cannot be taken with Lasix. Also, if your dog suffers from diabetes or certain liver or kidney diseases it should be taken into consideration prior to use. Allergic reactions to Lasix are also possible and can affect the mouth area including the ability to breath. These are all reasons why dogs should only be given this medication under the guidance of a professional.

Be sure to limit your dog’s sun exposure while they are on Lasix.

For Serious Conditions

If your dog has been put on Lasix, you are likely to be very concerned for their well-being. This is understandable since water retention of this kind is often associated with some serious medical problems. In fact, there are a number of conditions linked to the need for prescription Lasix. They can include a false pregnancy, high blood pressure, too much calcium or potassium in the blood, kidney failure, congestive heart failure and edema.

Conclusion on Lasix

Lasix can help prolong your dog’s life. It should, however, only be administered following a vet’s prescription including detailed dosing instructions. When properly used, Lasix is effective for treating water retention and harmful side effects tend to be rare. Sometimes long term use of this diuretic is required for dogs. As always, watch for signs of a bad reactions while your pet is on any medication. Be especially vigilant for indications of dehydration by proving plenty of fresh water since Lasix is a potent diuretic.

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